Thursday, October 15, 2009

All You Need Is Love

'Love in the Present Tense'
Catherine Ryan Hyde

You know how if you're a reader, a consistent reader, it's because you've read books in the past that have moved you in certain ways? Therefore you are constantly on the search for the next great book; the next book that will make you want to tell everyone, "You have to read this book!"? Basically, the reason I started a blog was because I often come across great books and I wanted to share them. They aren't always on the New York Times Best Seller List but they often move me in ways that are indescribable, that keep me up at night, that stay with me for days, weeks, years. You know? Well this is what I have found, magically, in my most recent read, 'Love in the Present Tense'! Completely unexpectedly too. I haven't read any of Catherine Ryan Hyde's previous novels and I just found this book on a good books of last year list and added it to my "to read" list. I am so glad I did! Now I must try to convey to you how wonderful it is in such a way that will not reveal the entire storyline!

I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning, and the beginning is with Pearl. Pearl is the mother, an unexpected one. At 13, she has had a hard life, when she falls pregnant and accidentally shoots the father. However, she has her son Leonard and manages to get him to the ripe age of 5 pretty well, all things considered. While she is off cleaning houses Leonard meets the neighbor guy Mitch. Mitch is just a 25 year old dude who works from home on his Internet start up business. Since he and his 3 employees are home all day he suggests to Pearl that maybe it would be a good idea for Leonard to stay at his house during the day since there would be plenty of people around to make sure Leonard is well cared for. All is good until one day Pearl doesn't come home. What's Mitch, a 25 year old guy, having an affair with a senator's wife, running a start up business, supposed to do with a 5 year old? Well Leonard teaches Mitch all about love. An unlikely pair maybe, but sometimes those are the best kind. Mitch has to learn how to parent Leonard and Leonard has to learn how to deal with the hardships of childhood. They grow up together and the writing and storyline is beautiful and heart wrenching. You just wanted to root for everyone in it. I usually don't cry when I am reading a book but something about Catherine's writing and sweet Leonard moved me so much that I actually cried. Seriously, if I had a rating beyond 'Grade A' I'd give it!

Has anyone read any of Catherine Ryan Hyde's other books? I see that she wrote 'Pay It Forward' which was made into a movie because now I want to read all of her other books!

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  1. I'm all about the Next Big Book which is going to move me to proclaim my love for it from the rooftops! :) And I'm so glad to have found this one on your blog -- it sounds like such a great, different and moving read! I'm definitely adding it to my TBR list. Great review!


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