Friday, October 2, 2009

Calling All Bay Area Nick Hornby Fans!

I am a HUGE fan of author Nick Hornby ('High Fidelity', 'About a Boy', 'How to be Good', etc.!) and he will be in-person for a Q&A and advance screening of his new film this Wednesday 10/7 in San Francisco at the Embarcadero Center Cinemas! He is there for a special advance screening of AN EDUCATION (a feature film starring Alfred Molina, Emma Thompson, and Peter Sarsgaard), written by Nick Hornby. Click here for more details and to buy tickets! Sorry to those of you not in the Bay Area but his author website shows some book signings for his new book 'Juliet, Naked' which I hope to be reviewing here soon!


  1. This isn't playing anywhere near me:( Were you able to attend the Q&A and screening? I am at the point where I will see anything with Sarsgaard in it...he is quite talented.

  2. Sadly no. I wanted to go to this one but I had a conflicting appointment. I still really want to see this movie! I was hoping someone else out there had!

  3. Verity wrote about it here...

    I don't make it much the movies as is, so I have added to netflix queue for when it makes it to dvd.


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