Monday, November 23, 2009

Does She Get Her Wish?

'The Sleeping Beauty Proposal'
Sarah Strohmeyer

I can't believe I somehow haven't reviewed a chick-lit book yet! I love chick-lit. The one beef I do have with this genre however, is their cheesetastic covers. Why oh why do they always have to be pink, purple, or light blue and scream to the world that I am reading the girliest of girl books? Is it so bad to announce to the world that something in them might hold some merit because many of them do. It's odd that the book which really kicked this genre off, 'Bridget Jones's Diary', does not fall into this trap with it's eyes staring out at you on a black and white background but clearly marketeres forever after felt female = female colors. Oh well. On with the book which was another fun example in this genre.

I usually stick with 'Brit Chick-Lit' but after reading this review on write meg! I thought I'd give the 'The Sleeping Beauty Proposal' a try and I'm glad I did. It was a great read. The premise is this: Genie Michaels has been dating her now-famous author boyfriend Hugh for four years and wasn't pushing for a proposal but hoping none the less. While being interviewed on TV about his new book, Hugh proposes to his girlfriend, however as Genie soon learns, it's not her. He's been dating someone else on the side! That cad! Now he's off to Britain to continue to promote his book and she decides screw it, everyone thinks we're engaged so why not. She and her best friend concoct the Sleeping Beauty Proposal wherein you act like you are engaged and hopefully your prince will magically show up.

What's more important in the book is the message. Genie realizes her life has been stagnant and this proposal debacle ends up being just what she needs to kick her life into gear. Because she has to change her life to start acting more independently to plan this 'wedding' on her own she starts acting more independently on her own in other ways as well and learns all kinds of valuable life lessons along the way.

Bottom line, the book is fun and charming with a humorous cast of supporting characters. It's the perfect anecdote to this crazy busy time of year. I've already gone ahead and 'wished' for her other books from!

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  1. I totally agree about cheesy book covers! I confess, I judge book covers. I so hope I get a Kindle for Christmas, so I can get past this ridiculous habit and simply enjoy books with bad covers:-)


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