Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Save the Short Story

I don't know about you but the words 'short story' to me instantly bring me back to school work. It was always something we were forced to read in school. I think because they were more manageable than making a classroom of kids read a whole book in a quick amount of time, yet easier to comprehend than poetry.

Well, the short story is somewhat of a dying art form and One Story is here to save it. One Story is a non-profit literary magazine that features one great short story mailed to subscribers every three weeks. They hope to save the short story by making it reader friendly once again, as a stand alone work, like a magazine, that you can throw in your purse and read on the go.

They promise never to publish a writer more than once and so are always looking for new and exciting writers. Many of their writers have gone on to publish books.

Could make a great gift!


  1. I had a subscription to One Story. Great idea, but I never had the time to read them. Typical.

  2. Short stories definitely remind me of school, too! Sometimes I get in moods where I want to read them, and other times I feel unsatisfied by them and return to my novels. I'd be willing to give this a shot, though -- a great concept!


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