Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lucky is a State of Mind

By Patricia Wood

There are those books that you pick up and you instantly know you are going to like them. Something about the character interactions, personalities, and the author's writing style makes for that delicious combination for a book that you can really settle down into (for me it was a beach chair) and know you'll be happy. This was one of those books.

'Lottery' is the story of Perry L. Crandall. Perry has an IQ of 76. If he had an IQ of 75 he would be labeled as mentally challenged (or other names that he is frequently called by mean people throughout his life in this book) but since he is a proud 76 he is just slow. Perry lives with his Grandma whom he affectionally calls Gram in Everett, WA. She was a good parent to Perry and armed him well for life. His mother is around as are a few 'cousin-brothers' but they don't want anything to do with Perry or his Gram because they are poor. Perry works at Holsted's Marine Supply for Gary and is a great worker. He works there with his best friend Keith. When Gram passes away he is heartbroken but his friends Gary and Keith rally around him and Perry wants to keep his life the same whereas his mother and cousin-brothers sold his Gram's house which was willed to Perry and, well, just know that these are evil people.

Then Perry's life changes. Perry has always said that Gram told him the 'L' in Perry L. Crandall stood for Lucky and one day that comes true because he wins $12 Million in the Washington State Lottery! He becomes famous and his money grubbing family all of a sudden wants to be his best friends, declare him incompetant, and take over his money but Perry isn't a 75 he's a 76 IQ and he knows better. What entails is a really sweet story of the power of friendship and the true meaning of family. Perry is a wonderful, honest person who has been picked on for most of his life by family and friends and only has a few people he can trust but these people really rally around him and take care of him when he needs it most. It really makes you smile. You just want to root for Perry and those around him. It's a real good vs. evil kind of book. I highly recommend it. Probably the only thing that keeps me from giving it a Grade A is just that the rest of Perry's family made my skin crawl so much!

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  1. I have wanted to read this book, but I sometimes find that authors treat characters with intellectual disability as sort of "magic," existing only to teach non-disabled people Important Life Lessons. Your review has at least made me think I should give it a go!

  2. I thought this book was rather good as well. Great review.


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