Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caught In a Moment

'Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life No Matter What!'
By Martha Beck

Format: Hardback
Published: Mar., 2008; Rodale Books
Pages: 256

Synopsis: This book will make you laugh and change your life. Martha Beck combines practical exercises with hilarious and touching stories about her clients and friends who have steered their lives aright. This book will entertain you and give you the tools you need to become our own guide.

My Take: I'm going to backtrack for a moment and tell you how I even came to own this book. See, this is the first self-help book I've ever attempted to read, ever. I'm not the self-help book reading type. Don't get me wrong because I think there is nothing wrong with them. I read magazine article after magizine aritcle about how to fix your life and I think I can just handle it in small doses. I live in California so we are all about getting in touch with our softer side, I've gone to Eastern doctors for my migrines and we've sent our cat to get acupuncture (or catupuncture as we call it) so whatever works for you is all I'm saying but by reading this I discovered self-help books aren't really my thing. However, Martha Beck's articles in O, The Oprah Magazine every month? I eat those up! Weird, right?

So again, why do I own this book? Only because the O You! Oprah Convention came to San Francisco in 2008 and I just HAD to go and it was totally awesome and I got swept up in it all and they had a book store and where the sold all the books of the speakers at 20% off and I saw Martha Beck because I love her articles and I was all inspired and like, "yeah I do want to find my right life!" so I bought it but clearly a lot of time went by and I hadn't read the darn thing so since it was January I thought why not? Ok deep breaths.

So let's talk a little about the book. Beck advises for this book to work you have to really 'buckle down' and do the exercises and apply the book. So there are lots of exercises throughout for deep thinking that will help you process what it is you really want out of life. The premise being that if you can figure our what that it is, it is your 'North Star', your guiding principle, and then everything else will fall into line. You have to channel everything around you, dreams, coincidences, feelings, etc because these all mean something.

What helped is that Beck is funny and it helps you go ok I can get through this. What didn't is that this book does feel that there is a little too much of a 'magic' element for me. In fact, the paperback is called, 'Steering by Starlight: The Science and Magic of Finding Your Destiny' so I guess I wasn't crazy in picking up on the magic element.

However, lots of people have testified that this book has helped change their life when they were down so please don't let me be snarky. It just didn't work, however I still love her work. Have you had a different experience with this book? Another self-help book you suggest I read?

(I purchased this book)


  1. I like self help books as well, but I'm very picky. I've picked up a few in the past and could not get passed the first few pages. (With one trying to say everything was all my fault.) The only really good book I've bought was an anxiety workbook with little daily exercises. I find those really work the most. Now you have me intrigued with this book. I also had no idea that they have Oprah Conventions I'll have to check on those.

  2. I'm hesitant to read self-help books, but have picked up a few to see what all of the hype was about. They don't seem to work for me, but it may just be because I don't take them seriously. Do like magazine articles, so maybe I'm only open to small doses of self-help medicine? :)

    Enjoyed your review!

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