Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New...

New Reading Pillow in Blue, Old in Brown (note size differentiation!)

I read in bed...a lot. Do you? Doesn't everyone? I know, I know, then you fall asleep. But that's why it's so comfortable. That's probably where I do the vast majority of my reading. So therefore I have a reading pillow. For years, like at least 5, I had this $12 cordoray 'boyfriend' pillow I bought at Target. It had a handle so you could move it from the bed to the floor or wherever. The handle promptly broke (you might be able to see it flopping up there if you look close) because the handle was tiny and the pillow was heavy. But that's okay, the pillow served it's purpose but I knew there must be something better out there. Then Nicole over at
Linus' Blanket blogged about a new reading pillow, the Reading Wedge Bed Pillow by Downlite. I thought, yes I think it's time for an upgrade. So when Grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas I knew exactly what to say.

Now a word to the wise. In the photo on the website, it doesn't look too big, right? Well, when I got it, and I have a queen size bed, it takes up over half the pillow area of the bed! Ha! So it far outsizes the old reading pillow. Upgrade! It's so plush. Your head just sinks right in.

Now, I also ordered a cover for it because, much like you have pillow cases on your pillows so you can wash them, I am a grade A clean freak and I needed one instantly so I could have the ability to wash that. The Downlite website claimed to have pillowcases for their wedge, and they had all kinds of crazy colors and designs, but none of them were in stock or said when they would be (and believe me with this kind of triangular giant shaped pillow you couldn't just walk into any store and pick one up, or sew one) so a quick google search turned them up at the Company Store and I ordered one up and it fits perfectly.

Alas, I love it but I still can't figure out how to make the bed with it so it looks 'fancy', but, heck, I'm comfortable when I read!


  1. question is, has nyquist discovered it yet? looks super comfy and cozy...

  2. Your new pillow looks awesome! Like you, I do the majority of my reading in bed -- just before I go to sleep. It's one of my favorite parts of the day... if not my absolute favorite! :)

  3. I very rarely read in bed (I have trouble falling asleep, and I could stay up all night reading), but that pillow does look pretty comfie.

  4. Ooo! I was eyeballing that one too. It does look huge but worth it. I may have to check them out in earnest now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would love to be able to read in bed, but I'd fall asleep after two pages. Then I'd end up having a Pavlovian response every time I opened a book! Maybe if I had a hard, uncomfortable pillow it would keep me awake.

  6. Oh, I'm SO jealous. I put this exact same pillow on my wishlist after Nicole's review. I even bought it for my mom for Christmas. But do I have one yet? Nope! Looks great.

  7. I want one of those, too. I read in bed all the time.


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