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Today's Booking Through Thursday is a question in two parts. It asks:

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Jackie says, “I love books with complicated plots and unexpected endings. What is your favourite book with a fantastic twist at the end?”

So, today’s question is in two parts.

1. Do YOU like books with complicated plots and unexpected endings?

2. What book with a surprise ending is your favorite? Or your least favorite?

Ok well to answer your first question, yes. I love a book with a complicated plot and unexpected endings. I love it when a book keeps me guessing until the very end, when I get swept up in a book and don't know what's coming next.

Now the second part is the harder part to answer. What is my favorite book with a surprise ending? It might be 'Mrs. Kimble' by Jennifer Haigh or 'Notes on a Scandal' by Zoe Heller. Both of these books ended with me shocked. In case you haven't read them I won't say much more but the links will send you to Amazon where you can read a synopsis. They are great books both.



  1. I have not read either of those two books so I shall add them to my list. I like my books to be complex, engaging, and keep me thinking. My answers:

  2. I read Mrs. Kimble and remember loving it, but I can't remember the surprise ending! For me, the best surprise endings are in Robert Ellis mystery novels: City of Fire and The Lost Witness. He's simply amazing at it.

  3. I loved Notes on a Scandal! I've just finished a similar book Rupture by Simon Lelic. It was fantastic, so keep an eye out for a copy if you'd like to read something similar.

  4. My favorite surprise ending was in The History of Love. I just love that book, and it's pretty twisty.


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