Friday, February 19, 2010

Dating in the City

'I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti'
By Giulia Melucci

Format: Hardback
Published: 2009, Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 288

Synopsis: Melucci, a publicity executive, clearly knows her way around the cucina, and her clever memoir of being loved and left includes the recipes she associates with her exes. The recipes are mostly Italian, and the men are mostly losers, but listeners will have a good time laughing with Melucci at her various boyfriends' foibles (even as they wonder why such a smart and funny woman chooses the same type of childish man over and over). Melucci does a wonderful job narrating; her voice carries the listener through the first flush of new romance to the final indignities of a relationship gone wrong.

My Take: This was an interesting book to be reading over Valentine's Day. Yes, I am in a committed relationship but we aren't married so I am still in the dating game and before I met my current man I dated my fair share of losers so I related to Giulia. Her's was a tough book to read. It's like sitting with your girlfriends dissecting relationships - it's always easier to see others flaws. You just wanted to shake her as she dated loser after loser because it's one thing to date someone who treats you like crap for a couple of months but a few years later you start to wonder why she won't get out of these relationships.

Giulia has a lot going for her. She is smart, has a great job in publishing in New York and as we learn throughout this book, is a goddess in the kitchen, cooking up delicious Italian meal after meal for her dates. Any man would be lucky to have her! Yet they don't. This book takes you through an honest dose of reality of the modern dating scene and it was an interesting and entertaining read, however heartbreaking to read. By taking you through her dating life, framing the chapters from guy to guy, she tells us the story of her life. Each chapter is also interspersed with the delicious recipes she uses to woo her various men or get over them when the relationships end.

I hope Giulia does at some point find her prince and if she does not, can find the happiness within herself.

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  1. This sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the review!

  2. I do love a book with Italian recipes but I don't think I can read about another female dating losers. It gets repetitive and you do want to shake them!!

  3. This is one that I have always wanted to read. I love the titel and the thought of the recipes alone makes this very appealing. Hopefully Guilia has benefitted by taking the time to write her book.

  4. I've been unsure about this one, even tho I'm a foodie. I hope she has learned some lessons.

  5. hi! i got an award for you. hope you'll like it =)

  6. I enjoyed this book as well! Nice review.


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