Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All By Myself

'Thinking of You'
by Jill Mansell

Format: Paperback
Published: Headline; 2007
Pages: 352

Synopsis: Ginny Holland’s daughter Jem has headed off to university, leaving single mum Ginny with a severe case of empty nest syndrome. To make matters worse, the first gorgeous man she's clapped eyes on in years has just accused Ginny of shoplifting. So Ginny decides to advertise for a lodger but what she gets is lovelorn Laurel, who can only talk about her ex-boyfriend. However Laurel has a dangerously charming brother, Perry, and add to that the offer of a great new job, and things are looking up...until Ginny realises that her potential boss is all too familiar.

Is it too late for Ginny to set right the first impression she made when Finn Penhaligon got quite the wrong end of the stick? And is either Finn or Perry quite what they seem?

My Take: If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time than you know that I've recently become obsessed with Jill Mansell's back catalog. Basically, 2010 has unofficially become the year I read a ton of Jill Mansell and as of yet I haven't tired of them! They continue to entertain me. When I am stressed with work, studying, and life in general, I open one of these babies up and know that I will be entertained and there is something incredibly comforting in those types of novels.

'Thinking of You', at its core, is a mother-daughter story. Ginny Holland is a single mother, although she remains close to her humorous ex-husband. It is time for her daughter Jem to head off to University and she is concerned about empty nest syndrome but knows that it is also time to let her daughter spread her wings. These two have to learn how to live without the other. It is alternately funny and bittersweet because they both love each other so much but it is time for both of them to move on from the bond of living with each other. Any mother or daughter would appreciate this story.

In true Mansell fashion, both Jem and Ginny were incredibly relate-able and you wanted to root for them. Also the cast of supporting characters was wonderful. They always make the book come to life in a way just a couple of main characters otherwise would not. And the book would not be complete with out some romance and plot twists to keep you guessing until the end. This one even had an unexpected one that I didn't really see coming!

Highly recommend for those stressful weeks or a great vacation read!

(I got this book on PBS)


  1. I'm not a big fan of chick lit but your review made this one sound quite charming! :)


  2. This would be a good one for me to read on vacation for sure!

  3. This author is on my radar but have yet to try anything she's written. She's actually new to the states or am I just delusional.

  4. Love it when you find a reliable author that you know you can count on! I feel the same way about Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber. There's just something comforting about knowing what you're going to get from their stories. Happy reading!

  5. My dad just gave me a new Jill Mansell book that doesn't come out until October. I'll give it to you when I'm done if you're extra nice to me.


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