Friday, June 18, 2010

Magazines Vs. Books

I’m going to go out on a limb here and change tactics for a moment and discuss, not my love for books today, but my deep and undying love for magazines. I have always loved magazines. I don’t know why. I think they are delightful companions for something to read while watching TV, while on a road trip, waiting at the airport (waiting anywhere really) and they are good for discussing useless (and useful!) learned tidbits with your girlfriends/boyfriend, getting recipes, etc.

My magazines of choice have undoubtedly changed as I’ve gotten older but my loyalty to them has never wavered. I think my first subscription was probably to Highlights and oh boy, every month I couldn’t wait to get some ‘real mail’ like an adult, that was just for me! Now as a ‘real adult’, I am equally excited to get some ‘real mail’ that isn’t a bill! 

As I grew my tastes changed to Teen and Seventeen as a teenager, learning how to style myself for Prom and deal with zits and periods.  Then as I went off to college I needed to get some more mature magazines so I switched to Marie Claire and Glamour (which I still religiously get now!) to teach me about how to deal with real men ;).

In addition to these I get some more fashion magazines like Lucky and InStyle, although Lucky is starting to be a bit too young for me. In I’ve added some magazines to keep me fit, Self, and to help me figure out things with life, O, the Oprah Magazine, and around the house, Real Simple.

Someday I may, who knows buy a wedding magazine or a parenting magazine but these days aren’t here yet. One thing’s for sure, for me one of life’s simple pleasures is a new magazine, a lazy afternoon and nothing else to do!

Do you like to read magazines too? If so, which one's your favorite? I know I couldn’t pick just one! :)


  1. Oh man, do I ever love magazines! I am currently getting Martha Stewart Living, Sunset (which is my favorite at the moment), Better Homes and Gardens, O,the Oprah Magazine, Health (gift from sister)and a garden idea magazine that comes three times a year. I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas and learning anything new.

  2. I don't read a lot of them, but do religiously read: Book List, Library Journal and Oprah. (Big surprise on the book ones huh?)

  3. I'm a magazine junkie, too! Love them just as much as I love books! I think I have about 20 subscriptions...I go through different phases, as well. Right now, my three faves are Real Simple, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and Food Network. Great post!

  4. I love magazines too. I often read them in between books just to rest my brain after an intense read. I love Vogue, Elle, People, O Magazine, The Economist, etc etc. When I travel I always stop at the news stand and stock up on lots of magazines for the plane ride.

  5. I'd like to read more magazines, but I don't feel settled enough to subscribe to any. I love reading Entertainment Weekly, and if I were settled I'd get Vanity Fair as well. And when I'm at the grocery store I like looking at the pictures of celebrities in dresses, so I can judge them. :p

  6. I don't have much time for magazines these days, but I agree with you - they are perfect to look at while you wait. One of my favorite magazines these days is More.

  7. I used to read magazines but have a book with me everywhere now so I really do not have time any more. I used to love Entertainment Weekly.

  8. I LOVE magazines, and we have about ten subscriptions. We get US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, Parents Magazine, Disney Family, Glamour, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Time, Discover, and more. We love to read!


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