Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now or Then?

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:
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Do you prefer reading current books? Or older ones? Or outright old ones? (As in, yes, there’s a difference between a book from 10 years ago and, say, Charles Dickens or Plato.)

This one is pretty easy for me to answer. The vast majority of the books I read are current. I would say within the last three years. They seem to just be pumping out so many great books lately it's hard for me to even keep up.

However, if I find an author that I really I really like I'll read some of their older books, like from ten years ago. This has happened to me in the past with Barbara Kingslover when I read 'The Poisonwood Bible' and then read her entire back catalog. Recently I've been doing this with Jill Mansell and her books span back to the early 2000s and yes, I guess that now fits into the author of this questions definition of old, as in ten years ago. So I do this periodically.

Usually a couple of times a year, sometimes more, sometimes less, I'll rediscover a classic and have to read it. I did a pretty good job of reading most of the classics in school so I don't, as yet, feel a yearning to re-read them, but probably in time this will kick in ... maybe never with 'Moby Dick'.

How about you? What age do you like your books to be?


  1. The majority of books I read are current, too. Although I have been trying to mix in more classics this year.

  2. Well, you can't replace the wonderfulness this new book smell. (If I could make a line of scented candles, that would be one of them).

  3. Right now, I read mostly current books and some slightly older ones. I used to read only classics, so I've been both an old and new book reader.

  4. This was an easy question for me too -- but with the opposite conclusion. Here is my answer on Rose City Reader.

  5. I agree-there are so many new, good books that it hard to even keep up with those and I am having a difficult time going back to the classics.

  6. I am currently enjoying a very new book, The Passage by Justin Cronin but next week I could be reading something ver old, just depends on what interests me. BTW I have a book giveaway going on for a hardcover copy of The Passage.

  7. I read more modern books too...some old but most new or at least, newer.

  8. I try to read a mixture of things, but I do think it comes up heavily weighted towards modern books. Right now I'm reading two modern books and a very very old one (the Odyssey), which feels like a nice balance.


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