Thursday, June 24, 2010


This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:

Do you read book reviews? Do you let them change your mind about reading/not reading a particular book?

In a word: YES! One of the best things about book blogs, I think, is that I don't have to read as many crappy books any more. I say 'as many' because ultimately we still have different taste in the end and well, what appeals to you doesn't always appeal to me, and sometimes, no matter, what I still have to read the newest, latest, greatest by some author I really love no matter how bad the reviews but back the question at hand.

I used to pretty much get all of my books from reviews I'd read in magazines. About a year before I started blogging I noticed that a lot of these reviews seemed to be lip service for the publishing house/some big name author and weren't actually for a great book as I was reading book after book that I would think was mediocre and when I would go online to look up what other people thought of it, I wasn't alone. This online searching led me to book blogs which led me to reviews of awesome books, which opened up my world!

Now, I pretty much only get books from reviews I've read online. Granted if it's a book I want to read I may skim the review for key words in case there are spoilers. I skip to what they graded/rated it. And if it's rated high enough than I look for things about it that would normally make me read a book or not and then I'll add it to my wishlist and the rest is reading history. So thanks fellow book bloggers for making my reading experience much more successful!

Once I've read the book and I see a review about it, I'll read a review to see if they shared the same thoughts about it as I did, so we can compare notes!

How about you, do you read reviews?


  1. i skim a lot of book reviews if it's a book that I have heard of and am definitely interested in reading, but I do read blogger reviews of most everything else and get some good recommendations there.

  2. I skim book reveiws too - reading those that sound interesting

  3. Because of my pathological desire to avoid SPOILERs, I will read professional reviews before a book and the social media reviews after. (There is a small set of bloggers I trust to properly label SPOILERS, but there are some who don't._

    I like finding new books via the reviews of those I trust.

  4. I like to read reviews of books I have read also to see if we had similar thoughts.

    Here is mine

  5. I read (and rely on) blogger reviews way more than traditional reviews. But I'll occassionally Google them if I'm curious about how the "critics" felt about a particular book.

  6. I agree that blogger reviews tend to have more credence with me than the onese in the magazines. I know that we still get books sent to us, but most of us don't make tons (if any) money off of our blogs. I don't feel like I owe as much to the publishers, and I like when bloggers are honest about what they don't like about a book.


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