Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Do I Have Time to Blog?

One question I get asked over and over again after ‘when do you have time to read so much?’ is ‘when do you have time to blog?’ I like this question because this was something that for a long time I didn’t know the answer to, even when I first started blogging, believe it or not! It was kind of a learn as you go kind of thing.

Obviously I wouldn’t have started blogging about reading if I didn’t love to read so much so the reading doesn’t fall by the wayside when you pick up a blog, in fact, if you can believe it, I would say that my reading has actually increased since blogging! Being around other readers day in and day out (via cyberspace) and having an outlet to constantly talk about one of my passions, books(!), has only made me want to read more! So, the blog in that respect has been a huge positive.

When I started blogging, I thought it would be a great way to have a creative outlet. I didn’t know how often I’d post. It took me awhile to get into a real rhythm but I think, since Christmas, which was about 3 months in, I really developed one. I post all week, and write my posts on the weekend (except when their are blogging events on the weekend that I participate in - like this weekend's Bloggiesta!). I work full time during the week so I didn’t want to come home and have to think up new post ideas on the weeknight when my brain was tired…but that’s not to say I don’t sometimes because I definitely get inspired and just want to write.

But for the most part, what works for me, is to get up early when the house is quiet on the weekend and write my posts for the week and then schedule them for the coming week. Then it’s stress free on that front! The only blog thing I do during the week is comment, which I love to do, and find it very inspiring and a great way to keep in touch with all of my blogging buddies and a great way to meet new friends.

One additional bonus of the blog, I think my writing has really improved. Especially my creative writing…and I think it’s getting noticed at work. I’ve always been good at writing (I think thanks to my love of reading) but since I’ve been doing it so much more frequently, it’s really helped expand my vocabulary and skills.

So what are your tips for finding time to blog? When do you do your best writing?


  1. What a nice post... Like you, I quite like to try to write the posts at least a day or so in advance and my favourite time is Sunday evening while dinner is cooking - I then post on Monday or Tuesday. I would like to post everyday and be more immediate but that is not really practical for me right now.

    Interesting piece, thanks for sharing and provoking my thoughts


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  3. I usually start writing a blog post when I'm supposed to be doing something else more important.

    I'm quite new to blogging so still kind of finding my rhythm. I've been writing them a day or so in advance lately, using windows writer (which is currently not publishing!!) but find myself writing several at the same time and then getting confused.

    I'm looking forward to Bloggiesta and really sorting myself out a plan!

  4. I KNOW I've read more since blogging. It's insane really how much. And as far as when do I find time to blog? I don't know! In the mornings before everyone gets up... in the evenings in between reading, while I'm making dinner, while I'm waiting for people. I just fit it in, just like I do reading.

  5. I've heard several bloggers mostly do it on the weekend. My schedule is so varied with graduate school, working more than one job and generally having fun that weekends are often more hectic for me. I do tend to only blog one or two days a week, but it varies so much. Post-graduation, it sounds like a great plan to have a set time each week. I read more since I started blogging too. Recently I've started cutting down on how many blogs I read because it was taking away reading time. I just need the right balance of reading, blogging and reading blogs!

  6. Finding time to blog is one of my biggest challenges. I fit it in whenever I can. Sometimes I can write several posts on the weekends, sometimes I can write a few at work. It really varies week to week. My biggest thing challenge is that between reading and wanting to comment on everyone else's blog I just don't make writing on my own blog enough of a priority.

  7. I'm mostly a weekend blogger, too. I have three day weekends, so I usually end up writing most of my posts on Monday, when I have the house to myself.

  8. That is an excellent idea to write posts on the weekends and schedule them at intervals throughout the week. I should do that - then I wouldn't have to worry about it the whole rest of the week.

  9. I need to get into the practice of writing my posts on the weekend -right now I write one or two but not a week's worth and I notice nothing else gets posted all week because like you I am fried after work and cant muster a post!

  10. I love that you posted this! I have never really thought about how I post and what I need to work on. Good things for me to tackle this weekend during blogiesta!

  11. I don't know how I find time to blog and I keep getting involved in other blogging projects. It's crazy! But I am often surprised by how different my older posts were from the newer ones. I think that I've improved.

  12. I tend to write posts on my lunch breaks. I use Notepad, so that when I get home, I can just tweak, format and post if I do not have anything already scheduled. Before my weekends became exhaustingly full, I used to do most of my writing on the weekends. I'd like to get back to that again. I love having posts ready to go.

    I liken it to reading. Because I enjoy doing it, I will find the time to blog. I do the same with reading.


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