Friday, July 23, 2010

Advice Please - Which Audio Book Site Do You Use?

So after a failed attempt at listening to an audiobook and hearing rave reviews from you on multiple books I decided to try again. I felt that while yes, I don't drive a ton, I do have time at work when I can plug in my headphones and tune people out. Lo and behold I have found an audiobook I love thanks to you all and I am ready to download some more! Alas I want to know which site is the best to use but I am totally overwhelmed as to where to go and that's where you all come in. I thought, I bet I know who might have some advice. My blogging buddies?

So here's my situation: I have an iPod Nano and I download my audiobooks to that. Nothing too revolutionary there. I have uploaded one book from the traditional cd format, that took forever and was clunky so checking audiobooks out from the library is kind of unappealing in that sense. My second audiobook (review forthcoming!) was downloaded from iTunes but that is at cost so that, while easy, is expensive for me to just delete it after a one time use.

One site I've looked into joining is audible. This one appeals to me because they charge a monthly fee to download as many audiobooks as you want and they have a huge selection. I was thinking of going with this one but I only decided on this because I saw a commercial for it. Am I missing an obvious choice? Is there a major pro or con to one? Please let me know in your comments and I'll let you know what I eventually go with! I appreciate all of you advice!


  1. I used audible for about a year and loved it (except then I stopped listening to audio books). It's not unlimited, much you pay determines how many books you can download each month. The basic plan is one book/month.

    I know Beth Fish listens to a bunch of audio books and knows of other might ask her on Twitter.

  2. I love audible and still have a membership, but as softdrink said, it's not unlimited - I have the 1 book a month plan and I get audiobooks from the library because I mainly listen to them on my car cd player. But I love audible for my mp3 player. I'll be interested in what else is out there as well.

    Also some libraries have access to audiobooks in mp3 format - mine does - you can check them out for a period of time - see if yours does - it's easy and you download them from the website.

  3. Another option (hate to muddy the waters, but!) is audio short stories - especially good if you don't to make the 4-6 hr time committment an audio book takes. There are audio short story anthologies you can get at Audible (which is also the supplier of spoken word to iTunes), and there are sites specializing in audio short stories like

  4. I have belonged to audible for awhile now. I like it, especially when they have their "paperback" sale :)

  5. The biggest downfall of audible is that most of their books are abridged, which doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm not a big fan of audio books, but when I do listen to them, I like to download mp3 audiobooks from the library. My library also stocks mp3 audiobooks on cd, so it's only one cd to scan for an entire book. Good luck!

  6. Most libraries now offer downloadable audio books. Our system uses Overdrive. Check out your system; it's free.

  7. I listen to about 3 audiobooks a week using my ipod nano. I tried the audible but didn't want to invest as much money as it required.

    My local library has a great selection of audiobooks for such a small library. You might check there. Our state library offers a free down load style library through your public libray system.

    good luck!

  8. I do use Audible, but only because I rarely listen to audio books and I can sign up for the "one book a month" plan that's perfect for me. Otherwise, I try to find them from my library online.

  9. I've heard good things about Audible, so I'd go with them. I haven't used them, but a lot of people have. Good luck

  10. Softdrink - Good to know! See what I don't know from watching commercials! I'll have to read the fine print some more before signing up!

  11. Crystal - Oh I'll have to see if my library has the audiobooks on mp3 player thing - that would be handy! Thanks for the tip!

    Anne - Oh audio short stories sound great - I'll have to look into that, thanks!

    Felicia - Paperback sales, now that's something I'd be about! Thanks for the tip!

    Nomadreader - I will definitely be seeing what other options my library has now - thank you for the info!

    Bibliophile - This is so intriguing to me. I will definitely look into it and report back on what my library offers - thanks!

    Kjovus - Thanks. Audible could get expensive if I don't listen as fast as I think I might so the library would be good to see what they have.

    1st daughter - Good point! I'll have to compare and contrast too!

    Page - Thanks! I'll let you know what I decide :)

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  13. I guess I'm old fashioned - I still go with ripping the audio book from CD format.

  14. I use audible - the one book per month plan. That plan works well for me because I usually listen on my walk to and from work and it takes most of the month to work through an unabridged novel. The site is easy to use and so far I like their selection!

  15. If you want free audiobooks, is a great place to go. All their books are read by volunteers, and all the books are non-copyrighted (which means they tend to be classics).


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