Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Books Made Into Movies: Lost in Austen

'Lost in Austen'

Studio: Image Entertainment (originally produced for ITV)
DVD Released: Apr. 2009
Running Time: 180 Minutes
Rated: NR

Synopsis: Amanda Price is sick of the modern world. She yearns for the romance and elegance found in the books by her favorite author, Jane Austen. But she's about to get a rude awakening as one fateful evening, she is propelled into the scheming 19th century world of Pride and Prejudice while that book's Elizabeth Bennet is hurled into hers. As the book's familiar plot unfolds, Amanda triggers new romantic twists and turns within the Bennet family circle as she clumsily tries to help the sisters nab husbands and even captivates the tantalizing Mr. Darcy herself. But what about Elizabeth...and what will become of one of the world's greatest love stories?

My Take: I have been seeing this movie (mini-series) around the book blogosphere for quite some time and I have to say I was pretty intrigued. I love pretty much any modern-retelling of an Austen novel and I am probably a certified Anglophile so the fact that it was produced by a British TV channel (ITV) made me sit up. I thought, ok, this is worth checking out when the boyfriend's away (since it's a good three hours long and super girlie!).

Basically, it takes place in 'Pride and Prejudice', yes, in. Amanda Price is your modern Londoner who loves Austen and re-reads P and P whenever she gets the chance. She has a boyfriend who wants to marry her but he is just not quite the man Darcy was. One day, in her apartment bathroom (which is in an old building) a wall opens up that was painted over and out walks Elizabeth Bennent! Cut to the chase, they swap places. Elizabeth feels like she is living in the wrong era and definitely belongs in the modern age and Amanda belongs in the past.

The story goes from there and it is pretty hysterical. Amanda is very believable plopping into the past and trying to fit in and not doing a very good job. Believe me, it makes for some funny and cute scenarios. Things quickly go off of the story line because Elizabeth isn't there to make sure they happen the way they are supposed to but Amanda tries her hardest.

My favorite part of the movie was when Amanda makes the Darcy character get in the water and slowly walk out in a Colin Firth moment for no other reason than because she wants to relive the BBC miniseries. Hysterical! My least favorite part, while Darcy was certainly brooding enough, he wasn't cute enough for me! Regardless I highly recommend this movie for a lazy afternoon!


  1. This sounds like one I can't resist renting!

  2. I loved this one too. It's just so fun to watch. I have to say that I giggled a bit at the wet shirt scene too. We all love that scene, whether it's constructed or natural! :)


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