Friday, July 30, 2010

In Case You Missed It: July

How is it already the end of July? I don't know about you all but my July was slam packed with activities so I am actually looking forward to a little rest and relaxation come August! I am a bridesmaid this weekend in a dear friends wedding and then after this hopefully things will calm down a little bit around here. Earlier this month my aunt and uncle came to visit and I took them hiking through San Francisco's Presidio and that was one of the picture's I took. Pretty nice, huh? It's called Lover's Lane. My boyfriend was out of town but you gotta take in the scenery when you can find it!

Anywho, in case you missed it, here's what I've been up to here at Amused headquarters:
Phew, that was quite the month! August is shaping up to be lots of fun as well! I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I can't quite believe that July is over. Even with an 8 day vacation it felt like the month went by too fast. I'm hoping August will be quieter and that I will have more time to read too.

  2. Summer is just flying by! I can't believe it's almost August...

    Wow, you had a super busy month!! I just started following you, so I'm glad you made this post so I can go through and look at all the posts I missed this month. :)

  3. You accomplished quite a bit last month. And there's more good news. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please access it at your convenience and be sure to pass it on to other deserving bloggers. Enjoy!


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