Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My First Completed Challenge

This is a very proud moment for me folks! When I signed up for a bunch of challenges at the end of last year I had no idea really what I was doing since this is my first full year of blogging. I just thought, oh these look like fun and like something I could totally accomplish - let's see! And what do you know, I've managed one and this one I feel like I could have totally kept going!

1. 'Millie's Fling' by Jill Mansell
2. 'Open House' by Jill Mansell
3. 'Love Rules' by Freya North
4. 'Thinking of You' by Jill Mansell
5. 'Wolf Hall' by Hillary Mantel
6. 'The Love of Her Life' by Harriet Evans
7. 'Falling for You' by Jill Mansell
8. 'A Hopeless Romantic' by Harriet Evans

I would have to say that Brit Chick Lit was the clear winner here and I wouldn't change my read along experience with Melissa from Gerbera Daisy Diaries for 'Wolf Hall' for anything! So this challenge was really fun to complete! Off to finish the next one now!


  1. At least Wolf Hall accounted for something!
    Do I hear the rustling of cowboys in the distance??!!

  2. Well done!! Its a huge achievement, finishing a challenge. I will confess that Wolf Hall still remains unfinished *blush*!

  3. Congrats on finishing your first reading challenge.

  4. Thanks everyone for the congratulations - much appreciated!

    Gerbera and Elise - thanks for the Wolf Hall fun! I'm sure you'll finish it someday Elise!

  5. congrats on completing the challenge!!

    i'm going to look for harriet evans book now after reading your review of 'a hopeless romantic'

  6. Congratulations on completing your first challenge!


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