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'Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever?'
By Tina Wells

Format: Hardback
Published: Harper Collins; June 2010
Pages: 208

Synopsis: Mackenzie Blue is hitting the trails!
It's time for Brookdale Academy's camping field trip, but Zee has much more to deal with than a lesson about nature. . . .
1. My BFF, Ally, is visiting all the way from Paris! Ooh la la!
2. My friends and I are so going to win the environmental scavenger hunt!

1. We have to stay in teeny-tiny log cabins. How will we all fit?
2. The legendary (and terrifying) Mountain Man . . .

My Take: The third and most recent installment of the Mackenzie Blue series takes off right where the last book, 'The Secret Crush', left off and it is just as cute as the previous two! If you haven't checked in before, I've reviewed the last two books in this series over the previous two weeks, 'Mackenzie Blue' and 'Mackenzie Blue: The Secret Crush' and found them both to be absolutely adorable so was more than happy to pick up the third installment.

In this book, the whole gang is back together for a week away at camp. Mackenzie (Zee) is a little nervous about her first full week away from her parents but at least all of her friends and her favorite teacher, Mr. P. will be along for the adventure so she needn't worry. The premise is that they are at a science camp and it will be filled with all kinds of fun learning activities along the way, as well as misadventures to boot. 

I enjoyed this one because it dealt with the common misadventures that young girls often find themselves dealing with: multiple friends and how to balance them all. Heck, I still deal with this! Zee's best friend from Paris is home for a few weeks and gets to join them but all of her friends from school are on this trip. Some feelings get bruised and Zee has to learn to balance all of these emotions. This is a normal part of growing up and a valuable lesson. 

Another big milestone happens in this book. Boys shield yourselves! Zee gets her first period while away at camp. I think this book dealt with it well. Zee didn't know it was coming, she and her girlfriends were suitably thrilled when they found out. Man, how exciting it was when you got that first period. Oh girls!

Also, this time there is an actual kiss but I won't spoil it for you by giving it away. But nothing more than that for those parents out there!

All in all another great book from this series!

(Thank you to Harper Collins for sending me this book)


  1. Sounds sweet and fun, I am sure I would have gone for this one when younger


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