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'Mackenzie Blue: The Secret Crush'
By Tina Wells

Format: Hardback
Published: Harper Collins; Dec. 2009
Pages: 240

Synopsis: Grade 4–8—This book picks up where Mackenzie Blue (HarperCollins, 2009) left off. The seventh grader and her friends in Mr. P's music class are going to form a band and put on a rock 'n' roll musical based on Romeo and Juliet. Mackenzie hopes to be the lead while her big crush, Landon, plays opposite her. This sequel is full of elements tweens can relate to, such as texting, mean girls, embarrassing moments, and references to popular culture. The tone is light and positive. Mackenzie texts and emails her friends and writes in a journal. An "Online Glossary" is included, and playful illustrations appear throughout. 

My Take: If you liked the first 'Mackenzie Blue' book (click for review), of course you'd have to read the second book in the series! The fun continued in this book and it was still just really cute and sweet. Zee is such a lovable character and a sweet girl, who wouldn't want to be her friend!

This book seems to pick up pretty much where the first book left off. The 7th Graders in Mr. P's music class are going to form a band and decide to promote their band by writing their own musical. My guess is this would appeal to any and all fans of those who loved 'High School Musical' yet it is now in book form? I liked that the kids would have to write their own musical, create the sets, costumes, and perform it. That would be an amazing amount of work, plus it drew them all together.

As the name suggests there is a little bit of a romantic twist in this story but don't worry, it is merely an almost-kiss as it were. Zee has a crush on the school surfer named Landon. There weren't any boys in my middle school named Landon but if there were undoubtedly they would have to have been hot as well! At any rate Zee is the lead female in the musical and Landon is the male lead and this leads to lots of practice sessions. Zee is thrilled by this, her parents are not. It's all very humorous, and how you would hope parents would deal with something like this and not how you fear 7th graders act in real life if the news and MTV is to be believed (do I sound like a 70 year old woman right now instead of someone in my 20s?, yikes!).

Another thing I noticed with reading this one is that it is a very multicultural book. There are lots of different kids in the book and, like most schools, it appears as though lots of races and ethnicities are represented. It just seemed very modern and I know books like this weren't as prevalent when I was a kid. It's just nice to see. Looking forward to reading the next one!

(Thank you to Harper Collins for sending me this book)


  1. This sounds like a really cute series.

  2. I'm going to have to put this on my wish list for my daughter. Of course, she is only 16 months but I'm getting started early! :)


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