Thursday, August 12, 2010


This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:

Have your reading choices changed over the years? Or pretty much stayed the same? (And yes, from childhood to adulthood we usually read different things, but some people stick to basically the same kind of book their entire lives, so…)

I would say that yes my reading choices have changed since I've gotten older. I most certainly go through reading-phases. I find an author that I love, which leads to a genre that I love, which leads me to reading everything I can find in that genre until I am bored of it!

This first happened in 7th Grade with 'Gone With the Wind' by Margaret Mitchell. I became obsessed with Civil War-era historical fiction/romances until I'd read everything that didn't verge on the too-raunchy. Around my senior year in high-school/freshman year of college my mom helped me discover Marian Keyes and 'Bridget Jones's Diary' by Helen Fielding and I think for about 5 years the only books I read were Brit-chick lit and that is still one of my absolute favorite genres!

I think it was probably around the end of my time at college and my first few years out of college when I thought that I needed to learn about what authors are making literary waves and that's when I started paying attention to those long and shortlisted for the Man Booker and Orange Prize for Fiction lists and reading as many as I can. I have found many authors that I love from that list and many that I find I never want to read again!

Finally, again around the time I was leaving college, I read 'The Red Tent' and then about six months later I read Barbara Kingslover's 'The Poisonwood Bible' and that's when I became the fan I am now of women's fiction. It's smart, adult topics often match who I am or where I think my life might lead.

That in a nutshell, is the reading evolution of Amused!


  1. Except for paranormal stuff, I have always read pretty much everything. It can only get better with time and it is...

    Here is my BTT: Evolution post!

  2. What a great question this week. I love to examine how my reading tastes have changed over the years. Now that I am middle aged I seem to be all over the place whereas when I was younger I tended to stick to certain genres and not go too far outside my comfort zone.

  3. My reading ways have not changed but I do change genres often. I go through waves: thrillers, romances, paranormals, chick-lit. I seem to like to read a couple months of each kind of book--sometimes there is run over but I have to switch it up :) I am just now learning how to mix them all at once LOL

  4. My preference didn't so much change, as it did...evolve. Here's My BTT

  5. i wouldn't say my reading evolved like yours, but my preference usually depends on my mood. i love reading all sorts of books and i don't think i could limit myself to one particular genre.


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