Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Time

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks:

What is the first book you remember reading? What about the first that made you really love reading?

Wow, this is a difficult question. My memory from that long ago isn't always the best! Ok so let's break it down! The first book I remember reading? I feel like it would have been something kind of easy but honestly what I remember reading over and over and over again as a child are my Berenstain Bears books! I had the whole collection and couldn't get enough! I just loved them all and they brought me to a magical place. Yes memory is a funny thing because I am sure the first book I actually read was something much different but that's not what they asked was it and these are the books that stick with me.

Now to the second part: what is the first book that really made me love reading? This would probably be a tie between what made me love reading as a child and what made me love reading as a young adult. I think in probably fourth grade or so I read The Little House on the Prairie series and oh my goodness it opened up a whole world of amazing history to me and I couldn't get enough in my free time. I devoured these books.

Eventually though you feel like you've grown up and it's Seventh Grade (I know, not really!) but you don't want to read any of that silly kid stuff anymore and that's when I first read 'Gone With the Wind'. I feel like this was a seminal moment in my reading history. It was by far the longest book I'd ever read by choice at that point and I devoured it.  It was also written with adults in mind and I never looked back. From then on I was an adult reader and I couldn't get enough.

What were the books that meant the most to you?


  1. I can’t recall my first book but I do recall that, I was hooked on Enid Blyton. She, in a way, has influenced my interest in Crime fiction.

    Then I used to devour the Nancy Drew books along with Hardy Boys. However, but those came much later.

    Here is my BTT: First Time post!

  2. The first book I read all by myself: Probably a Curious George book--he was pretty much a staple of my grade school years. First book that made an impact: Miss Piggy's Guide to Life :)

  3. My very first book, the one I remember reading all on my own, was definitely Socks by Beverly Cleary. Then a whole myriad of others until I got into high school and had books shoved on me. :o( But still, it's that one book isn't it? That one that can grab us and when we think about it, makes us want to pick up another.

    Another one for me would definitely be James and the Giant Peach, loved it, and have so many fond memories of it as a child.

  4. I cannot remember exactly what my first book was, but I had never been an avid reader until I was in high school. First book was a Dr. Seuss.

  5. I just read GWTW this year...I could see how it would turn you into a book lover!

  6. I think the first book I ever read was 'the little red hen'. I remember being in love with that book and reciting it from memory to everyone i met, even random strangers at the grocery store.

  7. I recall this Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer book that my mom said I knew all the words by age 3, His nose was red felt.

  8. I don't remember the first thing I ever read, but I remember loving the biography series my elementary school library had.


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