Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guest Post: Book Blogging Around The World

Happy Sunday Everyone! I would love it if you all checked out my guest post entitled Book Blogging Around The World on Charlotte's lovely blog The Book on the Hill . I talk all about my travels, life, living in California, and what I like about being a blogger in the US. Let me know what you think!


  1. Great interview. It's always nice to get to know book bloggers a bit better. And I love SF too although I am in the Southbay Area I get up to SF every chance I get!

  2. It was great having you on the Hill! Thank you again for taking part. Oh, and it looks like you're heading for the 100 followers mark, congrats!

  3. That was very interesting! I always learn something new about you:)

  4. Kathleen - Thanks! We should meet up next time you are in SF!

    Charlotte - It was a great experience so thank you for allowing me to blabber on your blog :) And I know, I am going to have to do something exciting when I reach 100!

    Glenda - I am full of secrets ;)


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