Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBAW: New Treasure—Interview Swap

When BBAW posted the opportunity to do an interview swap, I was very excited to be able to interview Stacy from A Novel Source! I've visited her site a few times but after getting to know her through the interview process I will definitely be visiting her site on a much more regular basis and I hope you make a point of doing so too! So please take a little time to read below and get to know a fellow blogger, Stacy!

1. How did you get into blogging and what is the best experience you've had since doing it?
I started blogging because I wanted to gather more advice and tips on opening my bookstore, but then it turned into more of a book review blog and almost like a hanging-out-with-my-booky-friends!  The best experience I've had since I've been blogging was being contacted by one of my absolute favorite authors, Kathleen McGowan and by the granddaughter, Lena Roy, of my childhood favorite author, Madeline L'Engle.  Lena Roy has her first young adult novel, Edges, coming out on December 7th.

2. How did you pick the name for your blog?
I see books or novels as being the source for knowledge, adventure, a new reality, space, or time.  Thus 'a novel source' was born!

3. Describe a typical day in the life of Stacy?
Ahhh, a typical day for me would be to take my dog, Obie for a walk first thing in the morning. He's a standard poodle and definitely needs his exercise!
Go to yoga class 3 mornings/week. With multiple sclerosis it's imperative I exercise by walking and doing yoga as much as I can.
Do necessary housework or yardwork.
Work on my blog and google reader for usually 4-6 hours.
Work on online college classes another 3-5 hours.
Cook dinner somewhere in the midst of all this.
Read the rest of the evening.

4. How do you balance family time with blogging and reading time?
That's a great question! I usually do not blog on the weekends. I may read a little bit, but that's rare too.  We are all so busy running & rushing during the week that spending much quality time together is rare. So I reserve the weekends for family.

5. You say that you have a family full of readers, and that you grew up in a house full of readers which is so wonderful. How do you think you can instill a love of reading in children?

I think one of the biggest ways is simply to have a house full of books that are accessible to children. Another important aspect is that children need adults to read to them; to show them from an early age how reading can open up surprising and amazing new places for them.

6. How's the independent book store coming? That would be an ultimate dream of mine too, btw!
Very, very slowly! With the economy the way it is I've been so scared and reluctant to jump ahead.  I am going to the Southern Independent Bookseller's Alliance (SIBA) Conference September 24th - 26th! I am really excited about that! I will know more of how close I am to opening after that conference. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

7. How many books do you own and where do you store them all?
I have about 3000 right now - nowhere near enough to open up yet.  I store most of them in hard stackable plastic tubs in my mom's basement. (thanks Mom!)

8. What is the best advice you can give to book bloggers just starting out?

Write what you know.
Read, read, read.
Comment everywhere....and not just 'great review' - leave meaningful comments!

9. Who are some of your favorite authors?
Karen White
Kathleen McGowan
Madeleine L'engle
James Rollins
Douglas Preston

10.  And finally, do you have any plans for your blog in the future?
Yep! Just to keep on keepin' on!
I cannot imagine NOT blogging anymore!

Thanks so much Stacy for allowing me to interview you! And if you want to check out her interview of me, just click here!


  1. Thank you Leah for doing the interview swap with me! I know this will be my favorite part of BBAW! Getting to know you a little better than what I read in your 'about me' section truly makes the swap an invaluable resource in finding new bloggy friends to read and enjoy!

  2. Thanks for interviewing Stacy, Leah! I am a regular reader of her blog and enjoyed getting to know her better!

  3. Once you start blogging, it does seem impossible to stop! Enjoyed your interview and learning about Stacy, who is a new-to-me blogger. Will definitely visit her blog soon, and I'm wishing her luck with the bookstore!

  4. great interview. I really enjoyed getting to talk with new bloggers

  5. I love Staci's blog and really enjoyed this interview and the opportunity to get to know her better during BBAW!

  6. Great interview. I usually don't blog on weekends too. All the best with the store.

  7. I'm not much of a weekend blogger either -- family life keeps me too busy then! I wish Stacy best of luck with the bookstore ambition!

  8. I had to come see what Stacy had to say ... her enthusiasm for books and blogging is so contagious. And I'm living vicariously through her working to open up her book store, which I sure do hope to visit someday.

  9. Since she spells her name correctly and she wants to open her own bookstore-like me-I'll have to check her out!


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