Monday, September 27, 2010

I've Been a Bad Girl!

This probably only shows a quarter of the size of the Pavilion. I'd have to be hanging from the rafters to give you a good view of the scale!
Every year during the last weekend in September the San Francisco Public Library has their Big Book Sale and on Sunday all books are $1. Yes, you read that right, $1! I have gone every year since I have moved here and for the most part I do very well (last year seems to have been an anomaly). So while I am not supposed to be buying more books since we don't have the space and I don't have the money, when they are $1 it seems hard for me not to justify it. So to the sale I went and...well...I came home with 18 books. Whoopsies! Other women may sneak in clothes or shoes so that their husbands or boyfriends don't roll their eyes. I have to sneak in books :)

Here's what I got. Please let me know if you've read any of these and if they are any good so I know what I should read first!

  • 'Alexandra Gone' by Anna McPartlin
  • 'American Journey: Life on the Home Front in the Second World War' by Alistair Cooke
  • 'Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons' by Lorna Landvik
  • 'Bad Trips: A Sometimes Terrifying, Sometimes Hilarious Collection of Writing on the Perils of the Road' edited by Keath Fraser
  • 'Diary of an Ordinary Woman' by Margaret Forster

  • 'Dearest Cousin Jane: A Jane Austen Novel' by Jill Pitkeathley
  • 'East Hope' by Katherine Davis
  • 'The Elegant Gathering of White Snows' by Kris Radish
  • 'The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Place in the World' by Eric Weiner
  • 'The Gypsy Madonna' by Santa Montefiore

  • 'Haweswater' by Sarah Hall
  • 'Home from the Vinyl Cafe: A Year of Stories' by Stuart McLean
  • 'Let's Meet on Platform 8' by Carole Matthews
  • 'Lucia, Lucia' by Adriana Trigiana
  • 'The Luxe' by Anna Godbersen

  • 'The Solace of Leaving Early' by Haven Kimmel
  • 'The Queen of the Big Time' by Adriana Trigiani
  • 'The Queen of Palmyra' by Minrose Gwin
So how did I do?! Do you have good library sales near you?


  1. Holy Cow! You know you have a 900 page book staring you down, don't you?? :)

  2. Great selection.

  3. wow so many great books!

    i have trouble controlling my craving for books too. so far though i've been pretty good at cutting back just because i know i don't have a lot of time to read books anymore.

  4. How can you pass these up? I loved the Haven Kimmel book. (I hid 4 new pairs of shoes in my closet yesterday while the hub watched football):

  5. I love to find books for $1 or $2. I find many at the Half Priced Bookstore on the clarence shelves. I also love the Library book sales once a year. I never have to hide them from hubby, he usually wants to shop somewhere else, so he suggests that I visit the bookstore while he shops.

  6. You can't go wrong when books are $1.00! :) Great finds!!!

  7. Wow! You did great!
    Surprisingly, I am not too familiar with these titles.

  8. We have some good library sales out here in the Chicago 'burbs but I'm just a little bit jealous

    I absolutely love The Geography of Bliss (re-reading it now) and I can also recommend Lucia Lucia.

    Happy reading.

  9. I just attended the SIBA Trade Show and posted on it -- I came how with 47 books!! I love these events, and it was my first time going!!

  10. I listened to the Geography of Bliss and loved it.

  11. I'm so sorry I missed the sale! You got a great group of books. I read the Angry Housewives book for my in person book club a few years back. We all really enjoyed it. Based on reading your blog I think you will too!

  12. Jealous! The Luxe is a great series!

  13. I'm jealous. Our library never has sales.

  14. That is a huge library sale! Our library sale is in a tiny room and the selection isn't so great. I am totally jealous! You did fantastic!

  15. wow, 1$, really? I would go crazy.

    You have some awesome books, couple of which are in my TBR.

  16. awesome! I thought Bliss was a fun read and I'm right now enjoying a very long and intimidating Margaret Forster - so that one caught my eye. Have fun organizing the haul. It makes me want to go re-arrange my piles to remind myself what books I own.

  17. Lucia Lucia is another one of my favs. I hope you love it too.

  18. I have never seen library sales like that here (maybe that is a good thing?) but there are some great thrift shops at which I have had luck.

    Geography of Bliss was excellent and I also read and enjoyed Alexandra Gone.



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