Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living in the Past

'The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather'
By Alexandra Potter

Format: Paperback
Published: Plume; March 2010
Pages: 400

Synopsis: In the 10 years since she arrived in London as a know-nothing college graduate with caterpillar eyebrows and her hair in a scrunchie, American Charlotte Merryweather has transformed herself into the stylish proprietress of the city's poshest public relations firm. Charlotte (along with her faithful assistant, Beatrice) is in pursuit of a hot new client and a home for herself and her boyfriend, when a sighting on the morning commute derails her: a curly-haired young woman in a beat-up orange VW Beetle who resembles the Charlotte of 10 years earlier. On a whim, Charlotte follows her home and discovers that, through some sort of inexplicable time-bending phenomenon, the girl is in fact Charlotte's younger self, called Lottie. Buddying up with her doppelgänger, Charlotte finds paradoxes taking a backseat to life lessons; thinking she's got a decade of hard-won wisdom to teach Lottie, Charlotte is surprised to find herself learning from her past persona about love, passion, and trusting herself. 

My Take: I am always up for finding a new chick-lit author so when this book came across my path, I was intrigued. I hadn't read any of Ms. Potter's books and it was set in London, one of my favorite city's! I was excited to dive in!

The concept intrigued me. Charlotte is an American who moves to London and 10 years later at the age of 32 has made a success of herself. She is living the life I kind of wish I had been bold enough to do but she had the duel citizenship to make it a reality! The problem is Charlotte isn't necessarily happy with her life. She is the owner of a highly successful PR company but in order to keep it running she has to keep herself working around the clock and most weekends. Just reading this was kind of stressing me out! I normally read chick lit to escape the stress of my day job, not add to my worries when I am lying in bed!

Charlotte is also dating Miles. He seems picture perfect on paper but in reality he doesn't really make her heart go crazy. However, she seems to be fairly resigned to this fact, or maybe just too darn busy to care!

At any rate, she is one of the silly people who drive to work instead of taking the Tube and she sees her younger self. At first she thinks she must be hallucinating. I mean, wouldn't you if you were driving along and you saw yourself 10 years younger? But no, she actually is able to be swept up into some sort of space time continuum sort of thing. Now, this isn't science fiction. This is merely trying to be cute and telling a moral to the story. The problem is, I knew what the moral was right away. Now, don't get me wrong, I like when chick-lit books just kind of sweep me up into an easy plot line and I am thoroughly entertained but I wasn't. I was stressed out and this one then kind of took a long time to get to the main action here. So while I did like the ending, I knew what the middle would be. Does that make sense? However, I do have one of her other books on my shelf so I will give her a try to see if this was just a fluke for me.

(I got this book from Crazy Book Tours)


  1. Nice review. It does sound like one of those books that you just know where it's going since there really isn't any other way it could....but you know, sometimes that's okay. I mean, it gives you a lighter read that still enjoyable from the sound of of luck on your next book by this author. Hopefully it makes higher marks for you. Happy reading!

  2. My first thought was, remember the movie with Michael Fox, "Back To The Future", it kind of reminded me of that. I don't think it is something I would like, and especially after reading your review, I think I will pass it by, anyway, I have to many other books waiting to be read, at this time.

  3. Time-travel books rarely work for me. And this is kind of a variation on that theme. Seems a little confusing.

  4. Yikes, doesn't sound that good, and I that have her Mr darcy book (got it for free at the library bookchanging table.)

  5. hey, I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award ! at
    Hope you enjoy it ! ^0^


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