Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Wouldn't Want Cake?

'I Was Told There'd Be Cake'
By: Sloane Crosley

Format: Audio CD
Published: Penguin Audio; Aug 2008

Synopsis: Crosley's dry, ironic narration is the perfect match for her collection of essays about her struggles and misadventures as a 20-something gal in New York. Her reading brings a personal touch to her reminiscences. She never hams it up or overdoes it, telling her stories in an understated but arch tone (the aural equivalent of a raised eyebrow), and her timing and delivery are unerringly on-target, making humorous lines even funnier. She's especially effective in her self-deprecating moments, as when ruefully recounting the time she managed to lock herself out of her apartment twice in one day—one can hear the horrified realization in her voice as the door closes and the lock ominously clicks, and the disbelief and frustration in knowing she's made the same careless mistake, again. Her tone and voice bring out all the humor and personality of her writing, making this collection even more enjoyable on audio than in print.  Copyright © Reed Business Information

My Take: I am totally on an audio memoir kick lately and loving every minute of it! I don't know what it is about them, maybe it's because the author themselves tends to read them so they know exactly how to affect their delivery but they are really resonating with me and this collection of short stories was no exception, making me laugh out loud and slap my knee in total agreement throughout.

Crosley, at the time of writing this memoir, is a 20-something New Yorker and it's not so much a look back at her long and arduous life as a memoir might proclaim, as it is a collection of witty stories that make you want to be her friend and it is totally relatable. Being a 20-something gal myself and living in another major city, San Francisco, much of what Crosley discussed in this collection I could totally agree with.

Rather than ruin the whole thing for you, because it was a really quick audio, I'll tell you some of my favorite moments. Crosley has a whole, hysterical section on how she was recently a bridesmaid and what a traumatic experience that was. I was recently a bridesmaid myself, and while it wasn't traumatic, many of the things you do for the bride during the time leading up to and during the wedding are so universal and seemingly silly that her descriptions make you just laugh out loud. If you've ever been a bridesmaid reading that section alone is worth it!

Another great piece was that which discussed her first job and the horrible, tyrannical boss that went along with it. Unfortunately since it was her first real job, she didn't realize that there was something better out there and she should just quit so she just kept putting up with it. The things her boss kept making her do were so cringe worthy it couldn't help but make you feel your own job is a blessing.

Then there was the ultimate dinner party story where she has some friends over and one by one they go into her tiny little bathroom and at the end of the night and she discovers a tiny little turd on the carpet. Who left it? How does she find out without letting all the other attendees find out her bathroom has been pooped on? Seriously if you aren't laughing out loud while reading or listening to this book then, well, we just have different senses of humor than I do! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

(I got this from the library)


  1. I dunno, I just feel a meh coming on.
    But, turd on a mat, who could have don it

  2. I read this book (and the follow-up "How Did You Get This Number") and I bet it would work really really well as an audio.

  3. My library doesn't have the audio but does have the print version! I had heard of it before but wasn't sure if I would be personally interested. I think I might now, it sounds hilarious.

  4. I had the audio book for this one too. The first story was fun, but after a while I tired of her stories:(

  5. This book sounds interesting. I love memoirs and I've just been getting into audiobooks, so i might give this a try.

  6. I have this in print but I may just listen to it in audio since she reads it herself.

  7. I made a mental note to read this if I like How Did You Get This Number which I read a review of this morning. I went right out and found it at the library. And I Was Told There'd Be Cake was right next to it on the shelf. I might check out the audio version of this one. Great review, by the way.


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