Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the Person Who Has Everything

When I saw these book themed clutches I, of course, instantly fell in love with them...and then I saw the price tag! However, I still had to share them with you all because it makes me smile that books have made their way into high fashion. Now that it's fall, maybe you've got some extra money floating around for Christmas and need to buy something for that person (you) who already has everything. Well this would be it, because it's a pretty penny but it sure is fun to look! Click here to have a peek at Kate Spade's 'Book of the Month Clutch' and why did they have to go and make it in one of my favorite books? Tell me what you think of these!


  1. These are so fabulous. Too bad they are $325 but that isn't bad for Kate Spade!

  2. They are fantastic! Ooh i really want one.

  3. these look amazing! i remember reading a post by meg about book purses. too bad they're so expensive though!

  4. These are awesome!!! I want/need one immediately :)


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