Friday, October 22, 2010

For Those Too Full Bookshelves

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I came across a couple of articles recently that I thought might come in handy for me and I then I thought I should probably share them with you all as well! I don't know about you, but my bookshelves are so full that I've had to expand and cleaning them can become an issue. Both of these articles help with that.

The first one, published by O, The Oprah Magazine talks about how to 'Tame Your Overstuffed Bookshelves'. I needed this, especially after I went crazy at a recent library book sale. I went through this article and used the tips to really decide what unread, yes unread books, it was time for me to finally part with. Basically if they've been sitting on my shelf for more than a couple of years I'm probably never going to read them. Also this helped my boyfriend to finally get rid of many of his textbooks and copies of books from highschool, however it does justify keeping many of those treasured books as well. So click on that link there; it's a brief little article that may help you save your sanity!

The second one I read that I also found incredibly useful was from Real Simple and it's about how to get 'A Big Bookcase Decluttered and Dusted in 15 Minuted or Less'. I don't know how you clean your bookcase but I basically spray some Pledge on a rag and rub it around aimlessly and assume we're good to go! Alas, apparently I can do a much more thorough job if I wanted to spend just a few more minutes, say once a month. This doesn't seem that difficult and I could definitely clean my bookshelves this way and it even throws in ways to help keep your books from getting moldy and musty. Well worth giving it a shot.

So what do you think?


  1. I try to go through all our books every few months but we still have WAY too many. My husband is one of those "well I might want to read it again" people. I try to tell him that at the rate he reads, he will never have time to go back, but he won't believe me.

  2. *gasps* unread!!!!
    But good for you, I should perhaps think of that oo

  3. Thanks for sharing! I need to declutter, organize and get rid of books on my shelf! It's so hard to part with books..but you are so right though..I've had some books for YEARS and I've never even attempted to read them or even think about it. I'm such a book hoarder!

  4. Great articles - thanks for sharing. I am constantly shuffling my unread books around to make room for the read ones. I really need to do something about that!

  5. This is one of the reasons I can't wait to sell our house and move next year...I want more bookshelf space! :)

  6. Those were great articles and very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. thanks for sharing those articles!
    i have so many unread books, but i can't bear the thought of parting with an unread book. maybe the article will convince me to let go of some.

  8. Ha! Apparently I need to read that article as my Sunday Salon post today was all about how I need to tame my bookshelves. ;) But it's so hard to do.

    Also--I hate to be this person because these people are annoying--but I'd want to know. Comments on your page are really slow to load--the page jumps around a lot. :( No matter which computer I use.

  9. I hope you all have great luck with these articles! I found them inspiring and am trying my best to follow the advice too!

    Trish - crap! I will see what is the cause of that and try to fix it! Thank you for telling me!

  10. Thanks for the links. I will check them out and hope to get some good tips on cleaning and organizing my shelves at home.


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