Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Back and Forward

This past week off from my blog has given me a lot of time for reflection. It has allowed me to realize how much satisfaction I really do gain from it and how much I really do enjoy chatting with you all everyday.

This was the first full year I had blogging and what a wonderful ride it was. I got to experience so many fabulous things. And with this first full year of blogging, it also meant it was the first full year of journaling everything I read. This meant I could really see what I read in full and whether or not I achieved the goals I set out to.

So let's look back: in 2009 I read 65 books. A great achievement I think. I set the goal of hoping to read 75 books in 2010. I also wasn't as good at picking reads I enjoyed, having almost an equal number of A and B rated books to C, D, and F rated books and I wanted to change that.

Without further ado here's my stats for 2010:
In total I read: 75 (I have one more review for the year to post). Yes, I achieved my goal!
Best reading month: November
Total Number of A and B rated books: 51 (woohoo!)
Total Number of C, D, and F rated books: 24
Total number of pages read: 24,343

Overall, I am impressed. I achieved both goals I set out to. The first was arbitrary really. Just a number that I wanted to achieve. The second though was more intrinsic. I wanted to get to know myself and my reading tastes better. I should be able to pick out the books I would like better than I was doing last year. I think through all the great blogger recommendations and better listening to what I would really like to read I was able to increase my higher rating rates and that makes me happy.

Another great thing about this year was I discovered two new forms of books that I had previously left alone: Young Adult and Audio Books. The are two types of books that I now love and I have book bloggers to thank for that so you'll be seeing more of those on this blog next year.

Now for my goals for next year. They are pretty simple. To keep reading what I love. I joined a challenge that I said I would read 5 more than this year so, with that I have set my goal at 80 books for next year. As always, continue to try to hone my skills at picking books for myself that I will love yet try new genres so that I can find out what else I might like. And above all, have fun!

In the coming days, I will be bringing my top covers of the year and then my top books of the year so look for those!


  1. You had a great year of reading and blogging! Here's wishing you all the best for 2011.

  2. Wohoo! Great that you reached your goal :D

    Ohh audio..perhaps that would be one of those things I should try more of, but it takes so long to listen, hm

  3. Congrats! My first year of blogging, I set a goal to read 33 books and hit 78 (including DNFs)! SO the next year I goaled 100 but only hit 87 (in 2009). But I also included a few kids books and I didn't do that this year. I do like looking at my stats but wish I was better organized about keeping up with the tracking work.
    and I forgot to mention page counts this year... off to go fix that.

  4. I think blogging has really helped me pick out which books I like and which I don't, too. It not only means I look more in depth at each book when I review, but that I have a much wider net of book recommendations, so I can pick and choose from new and older titles instead of just browsing in the bookstore (fun as that is!).

    I'm glad you had such a good year!

  5. I've been a little remiss with my blogging this fall and realized how much I miss it too! Isn't it fun (and funny) how much a part of your life it fills? I think because the community is so awesome and also because it just feels good to talk about something that you are passionate about with others who feel the same way.

    Good luck on your 2011 goals!

  6. Congraulations on your first full year of blogging and for getting through all those books. Here's looking forward to another year of enjoying book reading and blogging! :)

  7. Congrats on reaching your goals and having such a great reading year! Glad you discovered audiobooks... I love them. Happy New Year!

  8. You have a great year in books. Happy new Year to you good health and happiness are wished for you.

  9. Hi! I'm passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. If you don't do awards, that's ok. I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. If you do, you can visit me at Tribute Books Mama to find out what to do for the award.

    Happy New Year!
    Mary Ann


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