Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Bloggiesta Finish Line!

For all of you who participated in Bloggiesta this weekend I hope you accomplished many things and learned many more! As always, I love Bloggiesta and want to thank Natasha at Maw Books profusly for hosting it because I learn so much and really this is the only time that I set aside to really do all of those things that I always mean to do on my blog but never get around to doing!

I set out to do many things and I did some of them and got sidetracked and did many others as so often happens with these events. In the end here's what I actually managed to get done:

  • Add the share buttons to the bottom of my blog posts.
  • Create a monthly giveaway post and figure out how to embed google docs within those posts.
  • I cleaned up my whole blog. I hope you find it easier to navigate. I felt it was kind of cluttered. I wanted to make the actual blog posts bigger and I also felt that I didn't need to have all of the challenge buttons on my home page when I have a whole Challenge Page dedicated to them. Let me know what you think!
  • I edited my review policy. I think it's clearer now! Let me know what you think! (This was also a flashback mini-challenge which gave some great tips!)
  • Backed up my blog (Jackie has a great Flashback Mini-Challenge if you don't know how to do this yet. I promise it's really easy!).
  • I took some advice to heart on how to organize my review books when I participated in Jenn's Mini-Challenge.
  • I finally learned how to use Mr. Linky thanks to Jennifer's Mini-Challenge which I will need for an up-coming post.
  • I really needed to clean out my feedreader and thank's to Rebecca's Flashback Mini-Challenge she reminded me to do so!
  • Can you believe I just now figured out how to add a photo to my Google Friend Connect image when I follow a blog? Seriously and that was all on my own!
  • Pam reminded me to check my copyright via this Flashback Mini-Challenge
  • As boring as it is, thanks to Karin's Flashback Mini-Challenge I knew I needed to go on a hunt for some dead links and fix them!
  • Thanks to Ruth's Flashback Mini-Challenge I had my blog analyzed and increased my blog grade by upping my Search Engine Optimization! The things I learn during Bloggiesta!
  • Commented on lots of new-to-me blogs!
I hope you had lots of success this weekend too!


  1. Wow, sounds like it was a productive weekend over there!

  2. What a great/productive weekend! Congrats on everything that you accomplished! I'm so glad you participated, because that's how I found your blog! :)

  3. Great job! It looks like you learned a lot and accomplished much!

  4. That is a huge amount of achievement! I like the blog rearrangement - much less crowded.

  5. awesome! Your blog looks sleek and clean - I prefer blogs that are simple and white background. Your review policy is very clear - kudos. I am impressed with all the techie things you did! not that I have any idea if you are good at or like them, it's just I'm not too motivated but should myself. In fact, I think I will go do a Mr. Linky tutorial and add it to my *new* and **improved** Cusack Reading Challenge (that is not yet new and improved - I'm trying to psych myself up to do this)
    AND... Would you like to be my blogging buddy? or do you think I should find someone with WP? I had a buddy that quit blogging. :(

  6. Great job! Things look great. It's good to be productive, now if I only got have a look at my lables

  7. Congrats on accomplishing a lot of things this weekend! I'm going to check out that mini-challenge for backing up your blog because I need to do that.

  8. Wow, you got so much done! It looks great. Hope to see you for the summer Bloggiesta. ^_^

  9. Wow, I really need to participate next time. There is so much "housekeeping" I need to do around my blog. Glad you were so productive, it must feel GREAT!


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