Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Young Love

'Save As Draft'
Author: Cavanaugh Lee

Format: ARC
Published: Simon and Schuster; Feb. 2011
Pages: 336
Genre: Chick-lit
Rating: B
Source: Author

Synopsis: An epistolary novel told entirely in emails, Blackberry tests and messages, Facebook and Match.com profiles, Save as Draft follows the quirky Izabell Chin, a wannabe-actress-turned-lawyer, and the two men who love her. There's Peter, the preppy, reserved co-worker and loyal friend, and Marty, a guy who arrives via an alluring eHarmony profile profile. A love triangle evolves over the course of several emails and texts as these characters struggle to say what they mean and mean what they say in am era that leaves them wondering if things left unsaid - or rather unsent - could have changed the course of their lives forever.

My Take: I know I've been reading a lot of chick-lit this month but hey, it's February, the month of love and that was one of my goals for February! Also, it's been a strenuous month personally and when the going gets tough for me, I turn to easy reading. And for me, easy reading means chick-lit. I love it and it loves me. We get along! I love the authors I know and trust but I also love to spread my wings and try something new. So when I was approached by this new author I gladly jumped on board as it sounded like a fun read and I am glad I did.

Yes, the format reminded me of Holly's Inbox, being that it was written entirely in emails, texts, tweets, etc but it was different too. Where Holly's Inbox was a lot about work, this was about romance and only romance. Izabell, our heroine, wants to find love. She has recently moved to Atlanta, GA and become a lawyer and decided that now is her time so she signs up for eHarmony. Personally, I tried the online dating thing but never tried eHarmony so I can't say if this was true to fact but it was fascinating to read how Izabell and Marty began their communication. I felt like a total voyeur and, well, I loved it!

Marty and Izabell hit it off but life is never that easy is it? Nope! Izabell has a best guy friend that things have never gone anywhere romantically before with: Peter. Well one night, one thing leads to another and, bam! a love triangle is born. Now, what is Izabell to do? Who will she choose? We can read all about it via email, Facebook updates, twitter posts, etc. which is actually kind of like how you would be told about it in real life if something like this was happening to a friend. Because sure you would meet them for a drink or for dinner and get the full scoop, but first, first!, they would tell you all about it via these platforms.

That is why this book is so easy to read. This is how we communicate now. This is real life. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing is up to you but, well I found it a fun and easy read. It would be fun read to pick up for an evening.

Cover Lust: It totally fits the story line but, honestly, I find it a little lackluster.


  1. I loved your review because it gives me a really good idea of what the book is about. Probably not for me, but I can actually see my daughter LOVING it. She's our family chick lit aficionado -- I'm going to suggest it to her!

  2. This sounds like a fun, light read. I think I may just have to add it to my summer reading list.

  3. Ah totally agree re the need for chicklit. At times I can't get enough of it but like you I tend to stick with the authors I know - thanks for adding this one to the pile though! Any other authors you can recommend - greatly received!

  4. I want this! :D Great review, I miss chick-lit, I read way too little

  5. That sounds good for a fun quick read!

  6. I'm looking forward to this book since I enjoyed Holly's Inbox so much! I'm glad to see you enjoyed it.

  7. Glad you all are liking the sound of this book!

    Other chick-lit authors I would suggest? Well Jill Mansell, Sarah Strohmeyer and Harriett Evans are great standbyes for me and then there is always Bridget Jones's Diary when all else fails!

  8. I love the idea of this book and plan to read it soon. I have heard that the format really worked for a lot of people. Its interesting to step back from how we communicate and see it in a book and wonder about the effect of online presence - how does it affect our relationships when we can easily hide behind a computer screen.


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