Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding News!

'Kate and Wills Up the Aisle: A Right Royal Fairy Tale'
Author: Alison Jackson

Format: Hardback
Published: Quadrille Publishing; Mar. 2011
Pages: 112
Genre: Humor; Picture book
Rating: B
Source: Personal copy

Synopsis: Alison Jackson presents a humorous folio of photographs to reveal all about the royal wedding between Kate and Wills, the most anticipated nuptials to come out of Britain since Charles and Diana, providing a glimpse into all the events we have imagined but never thought we would see. This largely chronological retelling of the romance of Wills and Kate and the run-up to the Royal Wedding will include pictures of the genealogical background of the two sides and details of the early days of their courtship right through to the wedding itself. 

My Take: Are you all ready for Friday?! I may not have let the cat out of the proverbial bag but I am totally caught up in Royal Wedding Fever! It is everywhere and I can not wait! Any one that I know who has gone to the UK in the past six months I have asked them to bring me back the tattiest of wedding trinkets because the British always do it best and now the big day is only a few short days away and well, I am thrilled. Of course, being on the West Coast we get the short end of the stick, practically having to stay up all night to watch it. Luckily my office is throwing a Royal Wedding party and streaming it for us in the morning! Woohoo! What are you doing to celebrate, if that is, you are doing anything? 

Let me start by saying that this is a complete and total spoof book, meant to be set up like paparazzi shots. Every single image in here is taken with celebrity lookalikes and it is amazing! Some of the photos are ridiculously raunchy but regardless, the people they picked look EXACTLY like the Royal Family so it's really impressive. You will be laughing out loud! If this book isn't a conversation starter I don't know what is. It's perfect for your Royal Wedding Street Party that you are sure to be throwing :)

Some of my favorite photos from the book include:
This one is awesome because it is as if Kate's room is decorated in pictures of Will - love it!

Do you guys see how Kate is practicing the classic Diana shy glance? :)

And finally, we have Charles and Camilla upset by 'news' that Will and Kate will usurp them as King and Queen.

To say that this book is brilliant in its tongue and cheek humor is an understatement. As you flip through this book you can't help but laugh. However, if you find nudity and take yourself, and the nobility, too seriously this may not be the book for you!

Cover Lust: It really sets the stage for what's inside I think!


  1. This sounds like a really fun read. I have to say the whole Royal Wedding bruhaha is lost on me. I know I'm in the minority and I do remember waking up for the Charles and Diana wedding but for some reason the did not get wedding fever this time. I will watch some of it just to see her dress (thank goodness for DVR). I hope you have a wonderful time. How fun your office is having a watching party. Enjoy!

  2. haha - I love it! Amazing what some people can get away with, but the book looks like great fun! No wedding party here I'm afraid, but I am tempted to get up in the early hours and watch the procession with a good old English cuppa in hand!

  3. Looks like a fun book. I'll be working from home, so I'll have all the coverage on in the background. :)

  4. The cover looks like some cheesy romance novel but ti sure looks like fun. I for one am not that interested in the wedding but I know people who just might enjoy this book.

  5. Lol, the first time I saw the cover I went all 0_o before reading you said it was a spoof ;)
    Lol, yes I would read it

  6. I'm glad you all get the humor behind this! It was such a fun book to flip through! Bring on the royal wedding!

  7. It sounds like a fun book to flip through. I guess I will have to set my DVR like Martha@Hey suggested. I will have doctors appointments all morning and lunch afterward. But, I'm sure the news media will be full of the wedding. Have fun at the party.

  8. This book looks fantastic! I am totally caught up in the wedding fever too. I'm glad I'm on the east coast so I can get up early enough to watch it.

  9. this looks like such a fun book to read! is the royal wedding really this friday? man i feel like i live under a rock thanks to dental school. i knew they were getting married sometime soon, buy for some reason i thought they were getting married in the summer and not now.

  10. I love the cover and all the pictures in this amazing spoof book - I need to get my hands on this book!

  11. Ha! This looks like complete fun and a thorough distraction of all things stressful! Have you seen the Youtube spoof of them walking down the aisle to the Chris Brown song used for the one wedding video that went viral? Love it!

  12. Ha! Very funny. When I saw the first picture I was like "What, no way" - then read on and saw it was a spoof. LOL


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