Friday, September 16, 2011

BBAW: Blogging

Welcome to the last day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week everyone! The week has blown by. I hope you had as much fun and learned as much I did. A big congratulations to all of the winners!

Building off of this year’s theme of Cultivating a Community of Bloggers and Readers we will be sharing blogging tips and tricks! Here are some of the things that work for me:

  1. Find Your Voice: Remember that the Internet is vast. You may think that there are so many book bloggers out there already that you can't possibly add anything new to the conversation. But for as many bloggers as there are out there sharing their book recommendations there are so many readers who want to know what to read next. Find your own voice, be unique, and connect with your readers. If you are your own person and connect with your readership from the heart (cheesy I know) than it will work. If you go into it wanting to be 'the next big thing', this may not be for you anyway. Read, share, learn.
  2. Brand Yourself: Figure out a brand that works for you. This is your 'look'. There are many articles online about this but your online presence is your blog's professional presence so you want to keep it as such. Everywhere you blog is, you want people to recognize it as you. When you comment, have your gravatar match your blog. On your Twitter page, match your blog. Your business cards, match your blog. Get it? If you don't have a 'look', decide what appeals to you and design one, or have someone design one for you (and never, ever, steal anyone else's).
  3. Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things: It's always good to expand your repertoire because you can attract a new audience this way. For awhile I resisted Twitter because I didn't see how it would help my blog but I am so glad I joined. This could also mean trying that type of book you never knew you liked or participating in a blogging event that you didn't previously think was for you. Whatever it is, sometimes breaking out of your mold is a good thing, because just like in real life, change can be a good thing!
Please share, what are your tried and true tips?


  1. Good ideas...I, too, agree completely with the importance of showing your unique voice.

    The branding idea is intriguing...and I know that it must work. I have ten blogs, so "branding" my blog is a bit tricky. One of the things I tend to do is change things up a lot, like blog headers and themes.

    Maybe I should cut that out?

    Here's MY BBAW POST and

  2. Great advice, to keep all your "parts" matching your blog. I always wonder at people who are constantly making drastic changes to their layout, theme, etc. I can't even recognize them sometimes aside from their URL! I try to be consistent.

  3. Keeping in mind that things take time and no one is going to "get famous quick" through blogging is an important lesson to learn! Great tips here.

  4. Branding is terrific advice! Why didn't I think to share that? I talk about that all the time with other bloggers - duh! Being consistent with your brand across all platforms makes you more familiar and prevalent.


  5. Great advice,

    I picked up on branding a few months ago and realised I needed a common avatar everywhere I go.

    I actually get called DizzyC rather than carol these days and get review books sent to DizzyC LOL
    I quite like it :)


  6. liking this branding thing, great advice.

  7. I resisted joining Twitter for a long time but as soon as I was there I could definitely see the advantages!


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