Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Review: Falling for Me

'Falling for Me: How I Hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Seville, and Fell in Love'
Author: Anna David

Format: Paperback
Published: William Morrow Paperbacks; Oct. 2011
Pages: 320
Genre: Memoir
Grade: B
Source: TLC Book Tours

Synopsis: Like most women, whether they’ve chosen the Fortune 500 career path or have had five kids by 35, Anna David wondered if she’d made the right choices. Then she came upon the book Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan’s fearless leader from the mid-sixties to the late nineties. Immediately connecting with Gurley Brown’s unique message of self-empowerment combined with femininity, Anna vowed to use Sex as a lesson plan, venturing out of her comfort zone in the hope of overcoming the fears and insecurities that had haunted her for years. Embarking on a journey both intensely personal and undeniably universal, she becomes adventurous and spontaneous—reviving her wardrobe and apartment, taking French lessons, dashing off to Seville, and whiling nights away with men she never would have considered before. In the process, she ends up meeting the person really worth changing for: herself.

My Take: If this year of reading has taught me anything, it's that I do love reading memoirs! I have read a ton. I especially relate to those about women trying to find their way in life. It's not always easy for us to just leave college and know exactly what we want to do right away and the right way to do it. 

In my most recent memoir reading, we have Anna David whose life needs some help. She is in her late 30s and is dealing with some serious self-loathing. It's hard to read about. The man she is dating when the book opens is married and when it sizzles she pines for him for way to long. Even though she lives across the country from him and has many other dates she can't seem to get over the one she could never really have been with in the first place. This leads her, with tears in her eyes, into her local bookstore and the self-help section. She stumbles upon the old book Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. Do you all know this book? Or Brown? She was that tiny little woman who lead Cosmo magazine for about 100 years. However the opening line of the book, published in 1962 was about how she married the man of her dreams at 39. So she was well versed at being a happy single gal before it was cool.

Without any other ideas that had worked, David decides to have Sex and the Single Girl become her new gospel to live by. For the most part the advice held within this older book is still relevant, if taken with the average grain of salt, which David does. Ultimately, the advice is this, until you are happy and successful and enjoy all of the pursuits you do on your own, you won't be able to attract a man. You should seize the one life you get to live and live it to the fullest, man or no man, and then men will want to be with you. I wholeheartedly agree with this advice and David starts to live it in this book. 

At times the book is difficult to read because David isn't exactly nice to herself and doesn't break it up with enough of the funny, but it is honest and real and David does work at healing the old wounds she has done to herself and begin to grow up and learn to love herself.

Cover Lust: I love this cover! The bubbles of the things we use in our daily lives are fun and punchy!

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  1. I love memoirs as well. It sounds like David's not afraid to bare her soul in this one and I look forward to reading it.

  2. I just saw the title for this book on a readathon post. I was a bit curious, so it is nice to see a review of it right afterwards!

  3. I love a memoir and this does sound interesting. kind of funny that she picked that self help book!

  4. I don't read many memoirs, but when I do find a good one I'm surprised by how much I enjoy them. This one sounds really good.

  5. I'm halfway through this one and really enjoying it! David is a talented writer. Though I feel like I've read memoirs along these lines before, David puts a nice spin on it!

  6. It's great to hear the timeless message that until a person can grow into themselves (through completing goals, experiencing successes, traveling, etc), they'll have a hard time attracting the right person. And it's interesting that it's hard to read how hard David is on herself, because sometimes I'm hard on myself, but when I hear other people tell themselves the exact same thing I might say in my head, it sounds terrible! Maybe this would be a good book to read when I'm down on myself, because it would make me give myself a break and talk a little nicer to myself. :)

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  7. I love memoirs as well, and as a single woman myself, I'm definitely intrigued by this one. It sounds more inspiring than the usual go-to single gal help books like Eat, Pray, Love.

  8. I love memoirs like this kind too. I'm always drawn to ones about women trying to find their way in life too, since that's about the place I feel like I am (although not as terrible as many of the women in these books!). This one is definitely moving up the TBR pile.


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