Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Owl Themed Baby Shower

I recently threw my first baby shower for a very dear friend of mine and wanted to share some of the ideas I came up with in case you all ever throw a baby shower too! I think it tuned out really cute and everyone had a great time. The theme was baby owls and they were all in bright colors so when you don't know the sex of the baby this works really well.

Owl cookies (where to purchase) were a big hit as a gift to take home  and fit the theme perfectly in bright colors!
A friend made the cake and I purchased this cake topper which brought the whole look together!

I bought onsies and strung them around my house with owl fabric cut outs on them. This worked great because the mother to be could take the onsies home and it was a perfect decoration!

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  1. That's a very cute shower idea! The onesies were a great idea! You can never have enough of those!

  2. I love owl decor! Those cookies and onesies are adorable.

  3. So cute! What an amazing friend you are :-)

  4. Owls are a fave of mine. So cute.

  5. This is absolutely adorable -- and so unusual. I bet your friend was so touched!

  6. how cute!! i'm going to have to turn to you for party theme ideas. congrats to your friend btw!

  7. I love it! The onesies hanging from the line isa perfect decoration for any theme.
    Gage had an owl onesie (with legs) that was and still is a favorite of mine.


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