Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Review: More Than Words Can Say

'More Than Words Can Say'
Author: Robert Barclay

Format: ARC
Published: William Morrow Paperbacks; Dec. 2011
Pages: 400
Genre: Women's literature
Grade: A
Source: TLC Book Tours

Synopsis: From the author of If Wishes Were Horses comes a novel of long-buried secrets and self-discovery, showing us that sometimes what goes unsaid is more powerful than words. . . .
Chelsea Enright never expected to inherit her grandmother's lakeside cottage deep in the Adirondacks—a serene getaway that had been mysteriously closed up decades ago. This is no simple bequest, however, because when Chelsea finds her grandmother's WWII diaries, she's stunned to discover that they hold secrets she never suspected . . . and they have the power to turn her own life upside down.
Even more surprising is the compelling presence of local doctor Brandon "Yale, and Chelsea soon finds her "short stay" has stretched into the entire summer. She cannot put this cottage and her family's past behind her easily—and the more she learns about the woman her grandmother truly was, the more Chelsea's own life begins to change . . . and nothing will ever be the same again.

My Take: When this book was pitched to me, honestly I saw the words WWII and I was sold. I've said it before and I'll probably say it here a dozen more times but if a book has even a flicker of a setting during WWII than I want to read it. And this one really did only have a flicker and it was enough for me to thoroughly enjoy it!

More Than Words Can Say intertwines two love stories into an easy to read novel that really made for some delightful reading during this often incredibly hectic time of year and I really loved that! In the modern day we have Chelsea who is suffering from the loss of her beloved grandmother. She soon realizes that she has come to inherit her grandmothers cottage on Lake Evergreen way up in the wilds of New York. Having never been there and being told that there are secret journals her grandmother wants her to discover while there Chelsea readily starts on her adventure up north.

Once at the cottage we begin Brooke's journey. Brooke is Chelsea's grandmother who as a young woman escaped to this cottage while her husband was off fighting in WWII. She wrote down all of her thoughts in a journal only to hide it and run away quickly one day leaving her friends there and her family back home knowing nothing of her quick leaving and always wondering why she never went back.

As the story unfolds we get to follow both Chelsea and Brooke on oddly similar, yet sometimes heartbreaking journeys through love as they both live in the beloved lakeside cottage. 

Honestly, as melodramatic as this book sometimes was, I got totally swept up in it and loved just escaping in this story. I highly recommend More Than Words Can Say!

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Cover Lust: This cover certainly fits what's inside. It doesn't wow me but I can't fault it either!


  1. So glad to see you enjoyed this book despite the melodrama. Like you, I couldn't say no to this book after hearing about the WWII connection. I'll link to your review on War Through the Generations.

  2. I can live with a little melodrama if the book is good.

  3. This sounds like the perfect book for a busy time! I do love historical romances -- this sounds like a winner!

  4. I tend to really enjoy books like this. Thanks for the review. I will add it to my list!

  5. glad to see that you loved this book so much! i'm not a huge fan of melodrama, but i can take it if its worth it and this book sounds like it is! i'll have to keep this one in mind.

  6. I want to be swept away too :D It is the best feeling ever

  7. Sounds like a good one. Sometimes melodramatic is just what we need!

  8. Melodramatic is okay sometimes. I am glad to hear you enjoyed this book. I will have to put this on my wish list!

  9. I LOVE the idea of discovering a young woman's life through her journal. My grandmother burned all her WWII letters from my grandfather so no one would embarrass her by reading them. What a shame! I know she regrets it now.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.


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