Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Reading Challenges: Part II

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fabulous time last night partying it up or staying in. As you may, or may not, recall, I recently signed up for a few reading challenges for this year and I have a few more to sign up for and then we can get this party started! Here are some more challenges in 2012 I am looking forward to joining in:

I am really looking forward to the 2012 Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge hosted by the Betty and Boo Chronicles. I participated last year and read 16 memoirs. Memoirs are one of my favorite genres so I jumped at the chance to participate again. I will be challenging myself to the Memoirist Level which is 10+ memoirs in one year.

While I failed in this challenge in 2011 (reading only 3 out of 4 books that fit the criteria) I am not deterred and will rise again to face the chunkster book! Hosted by CaribousMom, the Chunkster Reading Challenge 2012 is no small feat since you must read books of 450 pages or more but I do like to read big books every now and again so I might as well get some credit for it, right?! So I will once again try to defeat the Chubby Chunkster Level which requires me to read four books next year.

I love reading historical fiction and I was thrilled to see that my intake of historical fiction shot up last year, with me reading 21 books total in this genre! So I naturally jumped on board with participating in Historical Tapestry's Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2012 yet again. Since one of my big goals for next year is to read more historical fiction, I am going to go big and challenge myself to the Undoubtedly Obsessed Level which requires me to read 15 books in one year. Also, can I just say that they always have the most beautiful buttons!

The final reading challenge I am signing up for The Overflowing Library's British Books Challenge 2012. I have a thing for reading books by British authors. I don't know why but I love their style of writing so I always find myself reading quite a few of them each year. Last year I clocked 16. The goal with this one is to read at least 12 books by British authors. Count me in!

So in total, I am in for 9 reading challenges in 2012. Compared to my 15 last year I think that is a totally manageable number! I will be charting my progress on my 2012 Reading Challenges Tab. Are you signing up for any this year?


  1. So far I've reduced my challenge load to six, but I know I'll be adding more (especially some short ones, which I love) throughout the year. I love your list. Happy Booking in 2012!

  2. so glad you've joined the British Books Challenge

  3. Happy New Year and good luck with all of those challenges!

  4. Good luck with all of your challenges this year. I'm co-hosting a Stephen King challenge this year and am looking forward to it!


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