Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Book Review: Here Comes the Guide

'Here Comes the Guide: Northern California: Wedding Locations and Services'
Author: Jan Brenner

Format: Paperback
Published: Hopscotch Press; 11th Edition; Dec. 2008
Pages: 900
Genre: Wedding Planning
Grade: A
Source: Personal Copy

Synopsis: Often called the “location bible,” Here Comes The Guide features multitudes of Northern California event sites, including private estates, historic gardens, yachts, museums, wineries, hotels, and many others. Engaging descriptions give readers a clear picture of each place, while details about pricing, services, and amenities help streamline the selection process. Here Comes The Guide also includes over 125 prescreened vendors, such as photographers, caterers, florists, and cake makers, along with tips on how to hire and work with event professionals.

My Take: First and foremost let me start by saying that this blog is not about to turn into a wedding blog. However, when I first started wedding planning I did look for reviews of wedding planning books out there on sites other than wedding blogs and Amazon and couldn't find any so I thought it might be useful to review those that I found good and not so good as I go along through this process. Because as I am quickly discovering, wedding planning is not the most painless process in your adult life! 

Obviously in this technological age there are countless wedding blogs, pinterest is a timesuck, and google docs is a freaking wedding planning godsend, but sometimes a good old fashioned book is what I crave. Oddly, miraculously (?), a lot of people around me got engaged around the same time I did and we formed some sort of book, websites, and tip swapping cult. These women include both close friends, coworkers, and people I had even lost touch with. It's like, hey I heard you were getting married 'use this, it rocked my world!' and that's how this little gem of a book fell into my hands. Oh wait, it's not little. It's the size of a phone book! Now don't let me fool you, not all women planning weddings are nice. Outside of those who you know, those you might meet just on the street, or at say a bridal faire or interviewing a potential vendor you too want to use, those women with the crazy glint in their eye? Stay away from them. They think you are their competition for some reason. You will steal their date, their ideas, their vendors. It's a jungle out there. I had no idea.

So, anywho this tome fell into my hands called Here Comes the Guide and I was all, 'whatever' I already googled and yelp'ed the heck out of 'cheap wedding venues' and 'inexpensive wedding venues' for San Francisco. Yes, an oxymoron but I am determined! But, I decided to flip through it anyway and what do you know, every venue they have listed in here has the location, what they offer, the amount they cost, how many people they can fit, all amenities, you know all of the useful stuff, all condensed into two pages per site. And wait! There were sites in here I didn't find before. Hmmm, maybe I was onto something! So, I set up a few more site visits and low and behold the very last one we went on, which was one we found courtesy of Here Come the Guide, is to be our very lovely site!

Inside Here Comes the Guide for Northern California you will find some tips on what to think about when hiring a venue and then it is broken down into Northern California's various regions (this place is big, yo). They also offer event services but those are just ads that don't say anything. The real meat is in the middle. At this point they appear to only offer the guides for Northern and Southern California but if you are planning a wedding in this state, I can recommend these guides! 

Cover Lust: Two things: She looks like she really likes her bouquet but I'd be more worried that she is ripping up the hem of her dress on those rocks!


  1. I still have vivid memories of wedding planning and it will be 25 years this year. Whatever books you can find to help the process I'll be more than happy to hear about. And yes, I agree I'm very worried about her tearing that dress.

    1. That is so sweet! I hope these vivid memories are happy ones and I love that your marriage is still going strong after 25 years!

  2. Thanks for recommending this. I've never heard of it before but I absolutely love the title!! New follower by the way :-)

  3. Maybe she is photoshopped into a pretty setting?
    I made my mom plan my wedding since I was out of town. (not really, but I wasn't all that concerned about stuff and she was paying for most of it. The only thing I insisted was the dress and we had a huge fight! She would disagree about it being a fight vs only a minor disagreement but I was extremely upset. )
    Aw, weddings...
    I am enjoying all the pinterest stuff you are finding. :)

    1. Ahhh, don't say that because my mom (and grandma) are coming up in March to help me 'pick out' my wedding dress!

  4. I wouldn't mind if things got weddingy here! It was a long time since my own wedding and I love weddings and I think you have great taste, so I can't wait to see all the things you pick!

    1. Thanks Cath! I will for sure be sharing some stuff here and I really hope I am able to have my good taste show through in this wedding while maintaining a budget!

  5. good luck with the wedding planning! i can't even begin to imagine how stressful that has to be. good thing you found a wedding club to join! i didn't even think about that.


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