Thursday, February 9, 2012

Legacy of Eden Scavenger Hunt

I am participating in a blog tour for the new book, Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy. It involves a scavenger hunt which I have never really been a part of before so I hope I do everything correctly! Here it goes:

  “What will you do?” Her voice was careful, deliberate, and I realized with a small shiver that I was being tested and that she had no expectations that I would pass.
“I suppose I will have to call them.”
There was a silence. There was nothing for a moment; just a blank and then when she next spoke her voice had degenerated into a repressed scream of fury.
This time I spoke without thinking, so that what I said not only surprised me because of my daring, but also because it was true.
“I guess I’m just not ready to walk away yet.”
Even to my mind they were an interesting choice of words. They hung there in the silence between us. I waited for her to speak and I could tell even in the pause how much she wanted to attack me, to use my words as a noose and hoist me up, legs kicking, desperately searching for ground.
“I have to go. I need to pick up the girls,” she said.
All of a sudden I was exhausted. It would never end, I thought.

For more information on the full blog tour, please check out Book Trib. And don't forget to come back here on February 28th when I post my review and host a giveaway of Legacy of Eden!

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