Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review: There Goes the Bride

'There Goes the Bride'
Author: Holly McQueen

Format: ARC
Published: Atria Books; June 2012
Pages: 416
Genre: Brit chick-lit
Grade: A
Source: Publisher

Synopsis: Polly Atkins, a Londoner living in New York City, is headed back across the pond for her wedding, a grand affair that has her older sister, Bella, in a whirlwind of excitement. Bella can’t wait to take over the wedding plans—and neither can Polly’s best friend, Grace, whose life as a wife, housekeeper, and mother is making her feel older than her twenty-eight years. She’s desperate to see Polly settle down in the same city—and the same life.
The only one who isn’t bursting with enthusiasm is Polly. Which is why, before things can get any more chaotic, she calls the whole thing off and lets go of the most perfect man on the planet. There’s no way that Polly is going to tell anyone why she’s changed her mind. Some secrets are best kept hidden. But Grace and Bella are determined to get Polly and her fiancĂ© back together if it’s the last thing they do. After all, solving someone else’s problems has got to be better than dealing with your own. . . .

My Take: This was the perfect book for me to read at this point in my life. It didn't take a lot of brain power, it surrounded wedding drama so I could totally relate, and it was just plain fun to read so I couldn't get enough! I had read a previous Holly McQueen novel Confetti Confidential (click title for my review) which I also really enjoyed, but I think that her latest, There Goes the Bride, shows her maturity as a writer because the characters where that much more developed.

Let's dive into the story line shall we? There Goes the Bride centers around three women. The first being the flighty bride: Polly. She is supposed to be marrying her dream guy, Dev, over New Year's Eve, but six weeks before the big day she has a freak out and decides to call it off. No one can get a real reason out of her as to why. Not her fiancee, her best friend, or her sister can. However, everyone can tell she is a wreck over it so they know that it isn't necessarily the right choice for her. 

Polly's sister Bella has problems of her own though. So, while she is trying to focus her attention on Polly's problems they are really just a way to defer her own. Bella can't have children and would like to adopt but she appears to be dating a man-child who can't seem to get his act together so he is really holding her dreams and aspirations back.

Polly's best friend Grace isn't much better. Having married really young, now at 28, she is in a different place then most of her friends with two young boys and a husband who doesn't seem to love her anymore. She has totally lost her self-esteem and is having a hard time getting it back.

So with all three having a lot to struggle with, you'd find it interesting to learn that this book is actually pretty amusing and is full of a lot of heart. I would believe that most women can find one character to relate to and I for one really enjoyed all three. I highly recommend There Goes the Bride to anyone looking for a fun summer read!

Cover Lust: Hey, look, it's Pippa's bridesmaid dress!


  1. This sounds really cute! I can see why it was the perfect book for you.

  2. A nice chic lit book for easy reading. I have this one too for a rainy day!

  3. Oooh, I recognized Pippa's dress right away! (I still have Royal Wedding fever, I'll confess.) This sounds like such a fun, cute read.

  4. Ooooh, this sounds so fun! Must keep my eyes open for it :o)

  5. Oh, I like the sound of this one. I love the cover, and the dress!

  6. This sounds like the perfect beach read. I'm definitely in the mood for books that does not require any brain power right now.

  7. Looks like the perfect book for you right now~

  8. I love British chick lit - putting this one on the list!

  9. Ha, this does sound the perfect book for you! Glad to hear you enjoyed and the cover is cute!


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