Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi Friends!

At my bridal shower. Everyone seemed to think this present was a hoot :)
First of all, let me just say thank you to you all for not thinking that I had gone away completely. This past month has just gotten away from me. Here's a little recap of what we've been up to this past month:
  • I had my bridal shower ... and it was awesome and overwhelming and wonderful!
  • We had out of town guests! Love them!
  • We designed, printed, labeled, packaged, and sent out our wedding invitations!
  • We celebrated our five year anniversary together (where the heck did the time go?)!
  • We cleaned all of the windows in our house and washed all of our rugs (boring but a ton of work).
  • Then we discovered that one of our rugs had been eaten by moths (freaking nasty) and we had a mold problem in our bedroom. The horror, the horror!
  • Work has been INSANE. Like fifteen hour days insane!
Now, am I ever going to review a book again? Well that sure would be nice wouldn't it? And I know the publishers and authors who keep emailing me like crazy saying "um, just checking when that review would go live" would sure like to know the answer to that too, so I am thinking that I have to come up with a new game plan through the end of September.

Basically until then, I am just going to pop in and out with some reviews and that's it. It will be like "surprise, here's a review!" I hope that will work for you all.

BTW, now for some random thoughts. I watched a couple of things I would like to discuss. First I FINALLY watched the full second season of Downton Abbey. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster and I LOVED how it had a lot more plot twists and turns this season. Second, I watched an interesting documentary called Hey Boo, Harper Lee and 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Have you seen it? If you enjoyed the book (as I am pretty sure, anyone with a beating heart did, then I think you will find something interesting in the documentary).

So what's new with you all? Please dish!


  1. Love that pillow. It's true in our house...LOL

    1. It totally cracked me up. It's supposed to go with a partner pillow ... Mr. Right and then Mrs. Always Right. ;)

  2. Who has time to review a book when they're getting ready for a wedding? You've got enough stress with that, so don't throw in the blog stuff. Just do what you can and don't sweat it.

  3. Yay! Your bridal shower sounds like tons of fun -- I love events like that. We just had a baby shower for my good friend, and I was stoked to bake the cupcakes for her soiree! (Blue velvet for a baby boy!) You have so many fun things coming up -- just enjoy it all and check in when you can. :)

    1. Thanks! I agree, this has been such a fun and wild ride!

  4. Sounds like you have a ton on your plate right now, so I wouldn't worry so much about those reviews. They can wait until life settles down a bit!

  5. Such an exciting time for you! I love that pillow and I must say that you look positively radiant in that photo.

  6. Bridal Showers are so much fun, glad you enjoyed yours.

    I loved the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" but I never saw the documentary ; ((. Maybe it will be on again sometime and I can catch it then. I know I would love watching it.

    Have a great time this summer planning the wedding. When is the big day again? I know you probably told us before, but I forgot. ; ((

  7. That pillow is great! Hang in there with everything going on and enjoy it!

  8. Thinking of you! Hope all is going well. The countdown is in full tick, huh? :D

  9. That's a great pillow! Sounds like you are crazy busy but enjoying life so the books and reviews will be here anytime you have time! Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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