Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Review: Read My Hips

'Read My Hips: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large'
Author: Kim Brittingham

Format: Paperback
Published: Three Rivers Press; May 2011
Pages: 240
Genre: Memoir
Grade: C
Source: Author

Synopsis: Kim Brittingham struggled for years with her weight and body image before she learned how to love her self unconditionally, find her confidence, and fully enjoy her life.  In this unflinching, humorous, and uplifting memoir, she openly explores her complex relationships with food and dieting, sex and dating, and exercise and health, ultimately inspiring every woman to live life to the absolute fullest, no matter what your jean size.

My Take: Most people at some point in their life struggle with their weight. I struggled with mine through much of high school and college until finally finding a routine of exercise and a way of healthy eating that worked for me. However, I am not so silly as to think my struggles are over. It's a constant battle to keep myself in check. That's why Brittingham's memoir appealed to me. It's right there in the title: How I Leaned to Love My Body. We could probably all use a little more of that positivity.

Read My Hips is divided into three sections: Ditching Dieting, Loving My Body, and Living Large. Within those sections Brittingham jumps through time to get her point across. The timeline didn't bother me and I found the story and Kim easy to follow. She had struggled with weight from a very early age, finding comfort in food as so many of us do.

I enjoyed reading about Brittingham's youth the most and found those stories to involve the most humor and be the easiest for me to relate to. As she became an adult and went from one fad diet to the next before fully learning to love her body I became a little bit disenchanted. For one, while I fully support the need to love your body as is, I was surprised to learn that she was willing to try every fad diet for a quick fix but never exercise. It just didn't seem like the healthiest advice and slowly began to turn me off. I am not a work-out addict by any means but I do think that if you want to lose weight, or be healthy at all, you have to move, move, move!

So while I think that many women can find comfort in the pages of Read My Hips and can relate to Brittingham's struggle and feel empowered by her ability to grow through it and come out the other end with a more positive outlook on life, I apparently was looking for a slightly different message.

Cover Lust: I think this cover is just adorable! The classic take on a pear shape with a bite out of it. Love it!


  1. There really is no easy way out so when someone resorts to a fad diet you have to wonder. Because of eating disorders when I was in my 20s my metabolism sucks. I can gain weight eating nothing but apples.

    1. I totally agree, everyone is different!

  2. yup, exercise is as important as the food you eat....kind of hand in hand.

  3. ugg the weight issue. So tired of it, my 2013 self affirmation is do not focus on weight, just enjoy yourself as you are. I am only 15 overweight but short so it looks like a lot more. Tried for a year to lose it now just accepting is best.

    1. I think that sounds like a good plan.


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