Contact/Review Policy

Want to Drop Me a Line?

If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to email me at or contact me on twitter @amusedbybooks.

Would You Like a Book Reviewed?

I have been an avid reader my whole life and started this blog to share my love of reading and books with others. If you are an author or a publisher and have a book in one of the genres that I read at Amused By Books I am happy to review it here. 

Genres I Love: General fiction, women's fiction, chick-lit, historical fiction, humor, some non-fiction (especially memoirs), some mysteries, cookbooks, and craft books. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area I also love to feature books set in California, especially the Bay Area and/or California and Bay Area authors!

Genres I Don't Love: Thrillers, paranormal, erotica, fantasy, horrors, vampires, anything that deals too much with death/dying/suicide pacts/blood/guts. etc.

Book Formats I Love: Hardback, paperback, arc, audiobook

Book Formats I Don't Love: E-books, pdfs, self-published books, vanity press books

To see if your book seems like a good fit with the type of books I read, please check out my past reviews in Reviews By Title and/or Reviews By Author.

If your book seems to be a good fit for me, please email me at and I will be happy to review your offer. If I don't respond within a timely manner, that most likely means I am not interested in your book.

In a typical week I read around two books and I review every book I read. I can't promise that I will read your book quickly but I will eventually get to it, and when I do, I will promptly publish a review. My review will be honest. I am happy to arrange a time frame, giveaway, and/or author interview as well, that works for you. If we don't agree to a review published date ahead of time, I will work it into my reading schedule. At this point, I am posting reviews of books about 3-6 months after receipt at the earliest. 

I will not sell your book but may offer it in a giveaway on my site or pass it on to a friend, family, or If this makes you uncomfortable just let me know ahead of time.

I am very active in the blogging community and currently receive around 500-700 hits per day and growing. Thank you for considering me to review your book.
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