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About Amused
Hi there! In real life my name is Leah, but around these parts I go by Amused. Why? Because books amuse me so! Don't you just find them so amusing too? Whether I love them or hate them I blog all about them here and tell you whether you should read them or push them aside for something even better!

Sometimes I like to blog about other things to, like how to decorate with books and how to use those books to cook with. So let's discuss whatever strikes your fancy because life's too short not to be ... amused by books!

What Books Amuse Me?
I love to read general fiction and some non-fiction. If you're just checking me out for the first time you might not know that I am a pretty eclectic reader. I love to read all of the books that get listed for the Man Booker and Orange Prize lists but when it comes right down to it, I also love some chick-lit and domestic fiction too. Travel memoirs and historical fiction are great for those times when you just want to escape and non-fiction and cookbooks are great when you need to learn something new. So as you can see, basically throw something at me that sounds interesting, and chances are, I'll find a reason to be amused!

To Contact Amused
Twitter @amusedbybooks

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